Tell English Heritage which Get Hands-on with History event you’d take your child to. Voucher to win



  • My girls would like the Wrest at War as they've been learning about it at school so would be great to be bring it to life for them

  • My two children would adore the clash of The Romans at Wiltshire. My daughter is currently studying Romans at school and both their favourite episodes of Horrible histories is The Romans

  • My sons aged 6 and 5 would love the Clash of Knights at Bolsover Castle, not only because they are obsessed with Mike the Knight, but because we used to live in Bolsover and they could see the castle from their bedroom window!

  • I'd love to take my children to the joust tournament at Beeston Castle!!!

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    The clash of knights would be great for my kids we visited Leeds royal armouries last year and watched a knights show it was fantastic so we would love to visit another one it’s such a fantastic atmosphere 

  • WWII WEEKEND at Dover Castle with my 8 year old autistic boy, because he's absolutely hooked on the war at the moment and researches details about why it happened and what happened. He regularly dresses up as an evacuee and I really think this would be a fabulous trip! 

  • It would have to be Warwick Castle for me. She loves dressing up and just about old enough to enjoy the family activities they have. 

  • My daughter is 5 and would love Zoolab animal encounters.  She pretends to be a nature fairy all of the time!

  • The joust tournament at Beeston Castle would be absolutely amazing to go for the day, the children loves knights,castles dragons etc., and to see all this  would make their day and mine lol

  • I would love to go to the MEDIEVAL FESTIVAL at Kenilworth with Louis, 4. He would love to rock the Knights look!

  • Our 3 year old would love the joust tournament at Beeston Castle because she would love the horses and it is only a 30 min drive away

  • The Medieval Festival at Kenilworth Castle is something the whole family could get involved with and enjoy. A great day out for kids and adults

  • My older daughter is fascinated with castles and historic gardens. She would like to visit Framlingham Castle in Suffolk and take a walk along the castle wall. My younger ones like to see Pendennis Castle Clash of the Knights. The armours and clashing combat display would bring their emotions very high and make a very memorable day. We love history and this would be a great day out for all family.

  • My children would love to attend Zoolab animal encounters...and so would I. We are an animal crazy family.

  • Dracula at Whitby sounds great for the wide range of ages in my family.

  • My baby is only a month old - I think she'd love to visit the Victorian Children's festival - I'm sure there's lots going on to stimulate her senses!

  • I would love to take our three children to the Medieval Festival at Kenilworth Castle because they've never seen anything like it and it would be a fabulous way to spend a family day. Our eldest would love the history of it, our daughter would love the horses and our littlest would absolutely love all the costumes and especially the Knights!

  • The joust tournament at Beeston Castle

  • My son loves Horrible History and would really like to visit Wardour Castle for one of their themed days.

  • Wrest at war, to take my three year old to who loves being outside

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