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Tell Aldi your tips that won’t break the bank for keeping kids busy this summer: win a £200 voucher


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  • This year we've bought a family pass for the local Arboretum and it really saves on money. We use it regularly and nip out for a wander or a picnic because it's 15 minutes for home. With a yearly pass we don't feel as if we have to stay for the whole day to get our money's worth. My kids love it as it has a park and loads of room to run.
  • School holidays affect us with babies too as nearly all of the baby group are term time only. To save money and keep littles ones busy my mummy group are taking it in turns each week to jointly host a play date with different themes and we bring our own lunch. We bring and share toys as well so little ones get to try different things.
  • The simple things are often the best. Put a tent up in the garden or make one with a couple of sheets over a washing line. Paddling pool & a picnic, a small sand pit & have a pretend day out at the seaside camping all in your own garden. Brings their imagination to life.
  • As a mum who is on maternity leave, every penny counts so I spend quite a bit of time researching activities which are fun and don’t break the bank. It is much easier when the weather is good. Our favourite free activities are the local wildfowl park, forest, beach, play park, picnic in garden and paddling pool fun. The pound shop is great for out door toys and giant chalk for drawing on the tarmac. It’s much harder when the rain comes but we like to bake, do crafts, go to the library ( our local library do free rhythm and rhyme sessions which are fab!), play dates at friends houses. We also have horses, ponies and dogs which take a lot of looking after but provide lots of fun and entertainment.
  • Homemade nature trail. Make a checklist of objects or insects to find and mark off when going to a park or country walk. Educational and energy burning.  Keeps the little ones engaged while getting plenty of outdoor play time
  • Go for a picnic at the park. Pack a blanket, a bunch of yummy food (and Aldi do some good grub) and drive to a picturesque location. Bring a bat and ball for a friendly game of rounders. Fun and free. 
  • We are always looking for ways to entertain at low cost. As often I look after friends children during the holidays and there's often more then a car full.
    So we make use of exploring our local village, walks, scooter rides, bug hunting, flower & bird spotting. (make a print out with things tick off when they spot them on walks)
    It's a dream come true when it rains, we go out and splash in puddles, not a care for getting wet and muddy, just a towel & film when we get home.
    Painting the garden fence with washable paints, and/or the path.
    Sticker crafts, they love this. Allowing them to stick stickers everywhere outside. (they wash off eventually)
    Cake sales out the front of the house. (baking them first)
    Taking a bus to the big supermarket, with a list they've put together themselves for a picnic or meal. Letting them buy the ingredients & head home to make the meal and eat it.
    Den building (buy TONS of pegs and bamboo canes)
    Washing up dishes.
    Making homemade playdoh, super cheap and easy to make.
    Planting things like cress, that grow quickly.
    Potato stamping.
    Buy a medium sized paddling po. I find they have more fun and use it alot more then the larger deeper paddling pools. They prefer just running in and out of it, making huge splashes and sitting down in it very briefly 😂 they have more fun with the hose to be honest.

    Washing the car (I say washing* loosely)

    Having big toy clear outs & taking to the local hospital.

    Sure there's more 🤔
  • sorting out toys to give to younger cousin or charity shop, as they always love being the donor
  • We like to bake! And use food colouring to make brightly coloured cakes! 
    We also love to go wildlife hunting and spot the steam trains! 
  • I was previously guilty of trying to organize days out with all the bells and whistles. When really, my kiddies are happy with a picnic in the local park or a bike ride.  I am going to take note of this, this year and use what's free or not very expensive around me. Especially  as I am a sahm, and not earning.
  • Have a bake-off or just decorate some cakes.  Or construct your own pizzas (bases with loads of different toppings).  You an carry on with the cooking theme all summer whenever it's raining (so that's ALL summer then!)
  • We do a lot of baking and cooking as well as bug hunts, water play and chalks in the garden.
    We have a National Trust subscription which is great value and only a couple of trips in a year get more than our money back, so we do quite a few trips, especially over the nice weather, to enjoy the grounds and have a picnic. This means we get a nice day out, everyone gets fresh air and exercise, they often have kids activities and trails and it only costs us the petrol. 
  • My boys loving playing outside. When is good weather we are off to playground in the park and having picnic there. Also they love sleeping in the tents in our back garden after BBQ and scary stories 😂
    When is rainy day table games and crafting is our life saver. Also boys enjoy cooking and baking.  It's always turns out as messy fun,so after all done boys help to tidy up.
    Another fun for boys working on their bikes and quads...putting some WD-40 where is needed,washing and polishing quads. 
  • We'll go to visit free city farms to see the animals, walks in nearby parks and woods and go and visit family. 
  • My two love a good scavenger hunt - we adjust it to whichever local area we’re going to - if it’s the beach we’ll decide to be fishermen for the day and collect a checklist of things we can find to make small fishing boats out of. If we’re just up the local park we’ll be fairy scavengers and find things to try and make a fairy garden. The free days always turn out to be the best.
  • I have 3 boys 2 with autism 1 with type 1 diabetes ages 18 14 and 3 we go on lots of nature walks picnics we go crabbing to a beach which is about 45 min drive we also have a farm 30 mins away pick your own fruit/veg and only have to pay a small donation we also have a cafe at the local shops that runs trips out has arts and crafts days baking days treasure hunts there is also a bunch of people that run a garding club all free and theres also a free football club for all ages during the summer holidays so we have plenty to choose from and have lots of fun we also do swimming theme parks zoos ect which of course is a bit more expensive we are very lucky to live in a area that has all these free things for the children to do xx
  • As a big family with all different ages, our favourite thing to do, is hire a big cottage out in Cornwall (or by the seaside) with the amount of people it works out really quite cheap! And we love to fill the week with free/cheap days out and activities. Such as go crabbing on the sea, long walks with the dogs, days out at the little towns and exploring! The kids love it! And we all love having a week out, as a family spending much valued time together!
    one of my things I like to do, is sit all the kiddies at the table and make fruit and vegetable butterflies and shapes. Gets them eating their 5 a day and good fun too!!
  • We have two boys one 4 and one 2 we try to do things that are local and inexpensive. 
    The boys love the local park (which is also a excuse to walk the dog) and we try to go one day a week as it’s exercise for us all.
    I have recently learnt the art of baking and cooking so we make fairy cakes, rice crispy and cornflake cakes together and decorate your own pizzas which always go down a treat.
    the boys love playing in the back garden and we’ve tried to make it as stimulating as possible for them.
    we also go to the local museum which has a bug display that my oldest is fascinated with.
  • I've recently gone part time and having to look into different activities to do with my daughter in the afternoon. The park is a big one for us and weve been blessed with lovely weather and it really gives her some release of energy. Or walking to feed the ducks. On rainy days we put on wellies and jump in puddles! I also do home activities using stuff we already have in the house. Things like muffin tin maths where she counts objects and puts them in a numbered muffin tin. We do obstacle courses using cushions from the couch, painting and play dough, baking and playing with her toys.  keeps us busy =)
  • Unused wallpaper rolls, boxes, toilet roll holders etc spread out in back garden. Kids are free to paint, design and draw. 
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