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Tell LighterLife the sh-don’t-tell-anyone eating habits you picked up since having kids: £200 to win



  • Hiding from my children to snack on biscuits and chocolate because I don't want to share! 
  • Honestly, it's cornettos. That sugar/fat hit keeps me going. Unfortunately it's also somehow making my jeans smaller…
  • since having kids i have discovered in order to get vegetables in to them i have to hide them one way or another so i hide turnip in mashed potato and they cant tell the difference
  • I smashed half of their easter eggs this year and their selection boxes the christmas before
  • Eating their leftovers definitely! Also hiding naughty food from them hahaha.
  • Constantly picking at the fridge! Slice of ham here, slice of chicken there, a slice of cheese here.

    I can't help myself! 😂
  • Although i cook healthy food and eat fairly healthily i cant help finishing the childrens meals off or eating those kiddy snacks, peelable cheese biscuits yum yum yum
  • Eating a bar of Cadbury's crème caramel when everyone is in bed!
  • When I'm stressed I reach for the chocolate!! I also stick a little extra in when i'm making my daughters tea!
  • Double hands up here for hoovering up kiddy leftovers. I have also been known to eat Sandwich Spread and peanut butter straight from the jar when alone in the kitchen! If no-one can see you, it doesn't count, right?! My son has just twigged that I buy cheap cereal, not Kellogg's. Feeling pleased to have got away with it for 9 years I suppose.
  • I always put on extra food for me when cooking for the kids and have a second dinner when hubby comes from work
  • When I drop my partner off at work at the weekend, i take my daughter for pancakes at a local pancake shop! It will be our secret forever!
  • I usually end up eating my son's goodies if he has not remembered he has them in cupboard, also if he struggles to finish his meal I help him out by eating most of it for him  :s
  • I'm definitely guilty of cooking extra just in case and then finishing off what hasn't been eaten as I hate to see waste.
  • Always cook a few more than needed - just in case!

    Plus regularly raid the kids treat box as always find something sweet in there...

    No willpower and still wondering where the extra weight comes from?!🤔
  • Hiding Mars Bars right at the back of the fridge to sneakily eat when no ones home. Hhahah
  • Hiding chocolate so they don't eat it!!
  • Oooh, I cannot remember now that my kids are older, but I'm sure I've done lots of the above. 
  • night time eating so I don't have to share and I finish the food they don't eat because I hate to waste hello 3 stone and goodbye nice dresses lol
  • Well I sometimes make it a fun game for my two to try new food, usually blind folded then I get them to guess what the food is and if they like it I not.

    When mine have finished their food, any leftovers I usually eat lol 

    thanks for the lovely giveaway 
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