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Tell Dolmio what a regular family dinner is like in your home: £200 Amazon prize up for grabs!



  • We are a family of 3 and we try to eat family meals together 3-4 times a week. Regardless if we eat the same food or not we eat together at the dining table and catch up with everything from that day - no phones or ipads allowed!
  • Dinner time is my favourite time of the day, it's a chance for me and my family to all sit together and enjoy each others company. We have a one year old so it's anything but peaceful - a lot of the time is spent picking food up from the floor! We like to experiment with different cuisines but lasagna is always a bit hit with everyone so regularly features on our table.
  • Our little family of three sits to the table to eat our evening meal every night, with the exception of Saturday when we usually have something easy and eat in front of the TV.
    We chat about what we have done in the day and how things are going. It's a time to get together and share stories and make plans. 
    Tea is usually something home cooked by me such as pasta, a roast or a casserole.
  • We are big Italian food lovers in our family and dolmio is one of our faves! nothing nicer than meatballs dolmio sauce and spaghetti with garlic bread, we have it at least once a week.
  • My children absolutely love helping me cook and during this pandemic my middle child has learned to cook a roast dinner (with a little help from me!)
    We try and sit down at the table as a family as much as we can and the only strict rule I have is NO PHONES!! 
  • We always try to sit together to have dinner, and we try to eat similar things although it can be tricky because we don't all like the same things! We try to buy in bulk so it's a bit cheaper, so this does mean compromising (Daddy doesn't get to eat as much spicy food now, for example!). I struggle because I'm intolerant to onion and a lot of pre made meals and sauces contain loads of it. I would love a low onion/garlic range - we can get away with the dolmio bolognese sauce luckily, and we eat it a lot!
  • Breakfast and lunch are do it yourself meals. Dinner in the early evening is eaten en famille around the table. The meal is usually cooked from scratch using fresh vegetables. Pudding happens about once a year!
  • My family love home made shepherds pie made with a Dolmio Bolognese Tomato Sauce and topped with lots of mashed potato and cheese or a Dolmio cheese sauce as I always have these in as stand by’s
  • we all sit around the table and eat together
  • Mealtimes at our house are a bit strange, with 4 kids coming and going (the youngest is 14) it means that whatever I cook has to be suitable for warming up and there often has to be different choices so that everyone is catered for.  We all love pasta, and curries, nobody is allergic to anything (although sometimes they pretend that they are if it is something particularly good for you).  Sometimes you get 4 or 5 of us there at the same time and it is really noisy, but good fun.  
  • We really only eat all together for special occasions.  Mostly the kids will come along pick the bits from the prepared food that they want and then go again.  Everyone has different likes / dislikes and sensitivities to certain noises and textures, it is too much of a struggle to eat together most of the time.
  • Family meal times are are an abundance of lovely memories with a bit of stress added , spaghetti hanging odd the table meatballs launched across the room all adds to perfect family times together , I wouldn’t have it any other way xx
  • A family meal for us consists of my oldest daughter picking at her food and eating around anything minutely vegetable-like, my son scoffing his so fast that there's mess all over the table and my toddler daughter taking one look at her plate and refusing to touch it!
  • It's pretty nice. I cook and then we chat about our day. I usually make something quick and easy. 
  • We always try to sit down together at the table to eat and use it as a time to relax and catch up in the madness
  • We try to eat together as a family at the table with proper cutlery but no devices at least once a day.
  • Dinner times are not terribly exciting for us! After a long day of work, and a tiresome commute...there is only so much enthusiasm that can be worked up to cook! My partner and I take it in turns to cook each day for our family of 3. We have our family favourites that we tend to stick to every week but on the odd occasion, we do branch out and try something new!
  • What a great prize, and even better cause!

    Dinner at ours varies; my husband and I take it in turn to cook and sometimes my stepdaughter makes the family meal. Pasta is our favourite! We usually all sit together and catch up on the days events, but at the weekend we incorporate it into film night :) 
  • I'm lucky in that we all like simple unpretentious familiar dishes, often the same pattern every week. So Monday quiche & baked potatoes, Tues fish & chips, Weds variations on pasta, Thurs pizza, Saturday fry-up Sunday roast. We keep things interesting by trying unfamiliar stuff on offer at the supermarket and by adding seasonal fruit and veg from the garden.
  • As our 2 kids are getting older our evening family meal is a great time to sit together eat, chat, laugh, watch tv and generally enjoy being a family. We all have our favourite meals and got to experiment a bit over the past few months trying new dishes, so we all get to do a bit of cooking - it's been great!
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