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Tell Winalot all about your dog’s personality & what makes them so unique to you: £200 Amazon prize!


Winalot would love you tell them all about your dog’s personality, and what makes them unique to you, and you could win a £200 Amazon voucher for telling them.

Winalot say We believe dogs are our everyday heroes, whether it's making us laugh, keeping us fit or being our favourite companion; they are all heroes to us. That’s why since 1927 we’ve been passionate about providing dogs up and down the country with hearty meals made with succulent meaty chunks and quality ingredients. It’s the food generations of our dogs have grown up with, and it’s the food for generations to come.

To be in with a chance of winning the £200 Amazon voucher, ❗️scroll to the text box at the bottom of this thread❗️, and tell Winalot all about your dog’s personality, and what makes them unique to you. If you wanted to share a picture of your dog too, Winalot would love that.

Everyone who posts and answers the question fully, will be entered into a prize draw to win the £200 Amazon voucher.

We'll keep this thread open until 24/03/21, and we'll announce the winner's name a few days later.

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  • Sebbie1952Sebbie1952 Regular
    edited Feb 25, 2021 8:57AM

    Wh have a chihuahua. She is just one year old but has really fitted in to the family. We take her for a walk every day and often get stopped by people as she is so small but enthusiastic. She comes everywhere with us, and when she gets cold she just gets snuggled. She loves nothing better than getting buried in a blanket and you do have to be careful that you dont accidentally sit on her. She has made a great friend for the children during lockdown and is very calming for them when they are stressed. She is unique to our family because she will happily ride around in your hoodie pocket, the back of the toy ride on car or even in the pushchair basket as long as she has a human near by.
  • I have a Jack Russel called Suzie. She may be tiny in size but more than makes up for it with her personality. I honestly think she was both a human and a cat in former lives and still doesn’t realise she is a dog. She loves all the finer things in life- comfy sofas, yummy food, warmth and comfort but she takes these to a new level for dogs. Right now she is sitting on my top which I have just washed. She knows it was just washed and is super clean so this is what she has chosen to lie on this morning. When my husband and I have pizza, my hubby will leave the juiciest inside bits of pizza to the side for Suzie. He wouldn’t even give me a bite of his! She waits to see what yummy meaty morsels of our dinner is left for her before she will even consider eating her own dog food. When it is raining outside she will refuse to go for a walk and does the quickest run out to do a pee you have ever seen! She treats the kids with a mild disdain and has been huffing with us since we brought another new baby home last week. She is a source of much humour due to her attitude and we wouldn’t change a thing about her (except maybe her covering my nice clean clothes in hair 🙈).
  • Our little Yorkshire max is so loved cause he’s loving.  He’s protective.  He’s diabetic but still loves life to the full.  Absolutely brilliant with his injections even through we know they hurt him
  • Our dog, Max, is a terrier cross. He has the personality of a grumpy old man. He likes the same spot on the sofa, loves his naps and gets a bit cranky if his sleep is disturbed. He likes his meals at the same time every day, and usually the same kind of thing. He doesn't like the children running around and will often go off to seek his own space. And now, due to his age, he farts a lot!!
  • Merlin was a bait dog, terrified, covered in scabs. He was even scared to eat. After months of patience and care, I trained him to be my service dog. He tells me when to eat, take my pills, and feed the other dogs. he even tells me when my blood sugar is low. When I had covid, He would wake me when I stopped breathing. He is my best friend, I wouldnt be here without him. he is my world
  • This is Bailey are super mischievous and very funny puppy , we got him last June and he just loves going out especially over the park to play with his mates , at 4.30 he sits by our son bedroom door waiting for him to finish work so he will take him out he even started to talk to him when it time , not sure how he know the time 😀 he just wants to play with every dog he sees when he can w
  • Our dog Buddy is a Sprocker so a mix of Springer Spaniel and Cocker Spaniel making him extra energetic! He likes to eat anything and everything even once eating our kitchen floor, cushions, a whole joint of beef to name a few! 
    He loves to be picked up and cuddles like a baby and is totally obsessed with bubble wrap (he jumps all over it!), he has a favourite rugby ball, tries to nab beer if anyone has any, loves to go on long, muddy walks and hates to be on his own, he’s very mischievous and once picked a fight with a bee (Buddy lost that one), he’s the only dog I know that is actually terrified of cats and he absolutely hates snow but loves the rain and sunshine! He’s only 2 years old but is such a big character in our house!!
  • gem is a border collie shes 4 shes a funloving mad as ball crazy girl but shes my little bestie always there when theres food about 🐾😋 reminding us with a gentle paw nudge😂 but shes the best in my eyes 😍😍 
  • I have two Chihuahuas, Charlie and Teddy. I love them both so much. Charlie was unfortunately attacked by a big dog a few years ago and now only has 3 legs. But he hasn't let it stop him doing anything and he's still as quick as ever. And he is definitely the boss of the two.
    They are both little dogs with huge personalities. Charlie seems to have a bit of a phobia of plates and dog bowls so we have to feed him sometimes with a spoon! Teddy is a little rocket, zooming around all day and has to be cuddled whenever he sees you sitting down.

  • We have a Japanese shiba inu called Koko. We only got her June 2020 and she was 7months old. She hadn’t been around children, and I have 3 children, aged 2, 7 and 11, and from day one she has been brilliant with them. She is the most well behaved dog. You would forget she was there, she is so quiet (unless someone comes to the door). My 2yr old leaves toys everywhere and she’s never once picked them up or bitten them. She loves people and other dogs. She reminds us of a cat, she loves to sleep on the back of the sofa and would sleep all day if you let her. She also loves to rest on your shoulder. She is so calm and chilled and she learns things so quickly. It feels like we have always had her. You can take her anywhere, she’s been on holiday with us to caravans. We say she is a cat in a dogs body 
  • My nephew dog Ivy is such a friendly dog . My nephew got ivy for a birthday present. Everyone in the family loves Ivy she is so cute 
  • This is Trevor, he’s brought us so much laughter in Lockdown.
    Don’t  know how we would have survived without him
  • We rescued our little Chorkie Megan in December. She has such a sweet character, always trying to please us, and constantly making us laugh.  She loves her toy snake which is nearly as big as her and carries it everywhere. She has brought so much love and joy into our home in such a short time.. we just couldn't imagine our life without our sweet Meg! 
  • My dog Molly, is a sprocker. She is beautiful. She is lively but at the sa e time totally lazy. She has an obsession with light shining on things, i.e a torch, or light reflecting off a watch. Being in the garden with her can be a bit of a nightmare as she just won't lie down, constantly growling and waiting for something to chase. She hates People in high vis jackets and therefore the Portman!! She's quite a nervous dog, and snaps a bit when other dogs come towards her - we think this is because when she was little we were watching the secret Life of dogs or something and an alsatian came up to the hidden camera really big and scared her, she helped and wedged herself behind the sofa!
    She loves cuddles, but then takes herself off for peace and quiet. She is unbelievably good with the children, so tolerant And and obviously loves them as much as they love her. She wiill always be our first baby.
  • My Nana is a lurcher  and the most loving and affectionate dog that you could find. She's awesome. SO beautiful <3

  • probably the nicest natured Pug in the world he doesn't think he is a dog his name is Sico and my son adores him he is currently modelling a Frisbee.
  • This is our beautiful boy Rocco an American bulldog & a great big softie with the sweetest nature. He adores the grandkids & loves going on road trips in the car, ball games with the boys & getting paw deep in mud exploring the woods & fields. He loves snuggling down & having a good old chew on his old grubby teddy, loves the odd sip of beer from Dads glass & been caught nicking sausage & bacon from the breakfast plates haha...had a few health problems lately but we couldn't imagine life without this fella! <3

  • This is Bruce, our funny, affectionate, sometimes naughty little miniature schnauzer. Here he is in a couple of pictures with my husband Royston but he spends most of his time looking after me. I have rheumatoid arthritis and have been shielding through Lockdown and Bruce is always there to keep me company whilst my husband is working. He has the most beautiful eyes that look straight at you and melts my heart. I don’t know what I would do without my little shadow following me everywhere I go, cuddling me at every opportunity. He is a sweetheart and we love him so much.
  • This is Joey. He joined our family 3 weeks ago after the loss of a very dear friend (whom he’s named after ❤️) He’s a sproodle and is fluffy ball of energy at the moment! He’s brought us so much joy in such a traumatic time for us. We love him so much 🐾
  •  A rescue dog When we met him we fell in love with him he was very sad at first and then his personality came out he loved being centre of attention we decided to make him part of our wedding day he was the best man and the ringbearer and was by your side all day do he loved all the attention he even stayed in the honeymoon suite with us it was the best day of our lives because we’ve got to spend it with our dog Henry he is a big part of our family and we love him to bits 
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