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July 2017 Toddlers - Part 3



  • Congratulations Charlie!! I hope he’s doing well and that being in hospital is okay! 
    Hope things going okay with you Lillian, will they induce if needed? 
  • We was discharged last night at about 8pm
  • So glad your home ! Defo send us updates 

    i sent for my scan today and everything was good :) 
  • Glad you have been let home really quick!
    glad scan went well Lillian. What have they said now in terms of you having baby? 
  • No they’ve just said weekly monitoring which is the same as I had with Ollie .. I’m still
    hoping that they stay low enough to keep on until 38/39 weeks but I might ask for it to be brought a week earlier because of this virus I want some contingency in case there’s not enough staff that day as the risk increases a great deal after 39 weeks. 
  • How is everyone doing? 
  • We are all fine here can't believe Oliver is a week old tomorrow 

  • We’re ok thanks dizzy. Bit stressful keeping 6 children entertained but needs must! Hope you’re ok too x Hope you are all adjusting well Charlie x 
  • Hi everyone, we hope you’re all safe and sound right now. We’re hosting an Easter Bonnet Parade and we would be delighted if you would like to join us on Zoom, this Thursday 2nd April at 11.30am, with your kids in their Easter bonnets, if they have one. If they don't have one, please still join us and you can have your kids share any Easter crafts they might have made, or even just with their Easter eggs - we're easy! 

    This is just about getting together more than anything else! If you’d like to join, drop me a PM or an email to [email protected] saying Easter Parade, and we’ll send you the Zoom link! 

    PS. You'll need to download Zoom which is free from the app store.

  • Hey hope everyone is ok
  • Doing okay, just trying to keep busy and keep J occupied. How is Oliver, Charlie? 
  • He's doing well he got weighed at his 10 day appointment and he weighed 8ib 12oz
  • Glad he’s doing well Charlie xx 
  • Hi guys I’m not sure if anyone can help or offer any advice .. Ollie is refusing to wear t shirts ... as soon as he sees a T-shirt he starts screaming and if you get to the point of getting it on he’s hestrical .. he will gladly wear a long sleeve top but anything without sleeves he just tries to pull it down 
  • Glad he’s doing well Charlie, a bit of piece of mind at the moment. 
    Lillian I’m afraid I haven’t a clue, is he getting too hot in the long sleeeved tops? Or feeling too cold in the short? 
  • This is my little man this morning can’t believe he’s 2 weeks today
  • Aww he’s lovely 😍

    he does get hot that’s why we want to put him in a T-shirt ... he’s unwell at the moment too he’s been coughing for a month since he had chicken pox and yesterday he was really wheezy and unable to catch his breath so we contact 111 they said because he’s had it for over 14 days very unlikely to be corona virus especially given his history and to give him steroids and his inhaler which we was anyway as we have them both prescribed as an emergency because he’s already under treatment for suspected asthma 
  • Have the steroids helped Lillian? - I thought I’d sent this message the other day, sorry! 
    Happy Easter all!! 
  • He seems much better still coughing but it’s better no wheezing .. we’ve raised his mattress on his bed and he’s having much better nights sleep it’s like we’ve got a new born again 😂 but me and hubby came down with a cough also last week so we are isolating me until Tuesday him until tomorrow .. we’ve had nothing else so far though  
  • That's good to hear he's getting better hope everyone is having a good easter 
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