SMEP 9BFPs so far!!!

Me and my hubby are doing the sperm meets egg plan or the egg and spoon race as hubby calls it :lol: we start off on sunday, and my afs due XMAS DAY! After reading so many success story Im really hoping it works for me this month. Just out of curiousity how many of us have tried this on their last cycle and how many bfps and bfn? Mj and anna I know you both have been succesful-well done image How many of us are trying it this cycle? Sam xx Please answer, i need Pma!!!!image [Modified by: baby-princess on 01 December 2009 19:01:28 ] [Modified by: baby-princess on 07 December 2009 11:17:00 ] [Modified by: baby-princess on 14 December 2009 10:02:32 ] [Modified by: baby-princess on 22 December 2009 13:15:57 ]

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  • I did it this month and i got my BFP yesterday

    Good luck it does work x x x
  • im doing it this month cant start till next week but after seeing the bfp's this week im so excited
  • I'm doing it this month! Feel like I'm playing snakes and ladders - after getting my hopes up with my temps staying high and what I hoped might have been an implantation bleed on 11DPO I slid down a massive ladder back to CD1 today!

    Need to buy some OV sticks, any recommendations? xx
  • Hi Girls

    Im also using zestica this month to help improve our chances...

    I think Im going to be walking like john wayne by the end of the month!!!

    Im glad theres others doing it too and I hope we are all able to stick to it,
    I work 12 hours shift, sometimes nights which means I dont see hubby at all...

    Luckily though Im off most of the time due to leave party days off and only working two 6am to 6pms, so really going to get it my all ;\)
    though I am worried that hubby may get bored with all the sex? Might have to bring out my Anne Summers to keep us going....
  • baby-princess, I have had to bring out the Ann Summers too, in fact I have spent too much money in there! My OH not keen on all this bd.... image

    I am trying this month and af is due in 2 weeks! Lets hope it doesn't come and I get bfp at xmas! image Congratulations to the ladies with the bfps!!!! xXx
  • The OV stick ive got prevouisly are first response 20's but due to buying xmas pressies this month Ive gone for boots own, they look the same, no idea what they are like, if anyone knows??

    Ive got a "red hot positions" book from anne summers so I thought Id suprise hubby by trying a new one out during bding each time.

    Hubby works long hours and tiring work so he gets tired and he has to be in the mood to bd. But he really wants this baby after the miscarriages so he will hopefully make the effort.

    If not maybe slip him some horny goat weed, haha!


    Im glad Ive got some SMEP buddys this cycle, Lets keep eachother going!!

    I want my xmas pud!

    If it works I can get my bfp on xmas day, so thought about wrapping up hpt
    and putting it under the tree :lol:
  • I'm in for the egg and spoon race! Hubby thinks it's his birthday and Christmas all rolled into one!!!
  • so whats everyones egg and spoon poas date, hehe? Any one else using zestica?
  • hey baby-princess i did this plan without knowing it and im due to test 12th dec - AF due 10th dec so fingers crossed....enjoy the BDing & ann summer's book - sounds great xx
  • 10 Dec is my birthday, so I demand for my pressie for af to stay away!
  • Ahhhh so sweet....I hope it does baby-princess!!! xx
  • We are SMEP'ing this month image
    AF due 21st December.

    Goodluck to all
  • Hi there

    I have a one year old bundle of joy who was successfully conceived this way. We are currently trying the smep again and are into our 2ww. Will maybe test on saturday 16th, unless the poas thing gets me early!!

    Good luck ladies and congrats to all those who have done it! x
  • Hi everyone, me and hubby are going to be trying the egg and spoon race :\) this month as well, lol.

    CD8 is on Saturday so let the fun begin, he he.

    I hope this really works for us all and cant wait to see all the BFP's soon (hopefully including my own, fingers crossed)

    Good luck to everyone xx
  • Yay, there's quite a few of us!

    I wonder how many bfps there will be by new year?
    All of us I hope!!!

    For the firsst time in a while I actully am excited about this
    I really think it will work.

    When are you poas stephy? Sounds like we wiill have similar cycles
    We can symptom spot and stop eachother poas at 7dpo (come one, we've all done it!)
  • Hi baby-princess,
    I'm trying this out this month image , currently on CD11 and no +ov just yet!! AF due on the 19th so fingers crossed!!
    Good luck and baby dust to everyone giving it a try!! image

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  • Hi Ladies....we are also doing the SMEP plan this month...this is month 3 for us, so hopefully we will get it right.
    Dotty - I am also on CD 11 and also no +ov just yet. But my cycles can be up to 35 days!!
    Good luck to us all - lots of baby dust!!

  • Hi,

    we kind've did the SMEP or EASR this month, we bd on cd 9, 12, 14, 15, 16, but not 100% if I ov'd on cd11 or 14 (chart went up twice, but think ov was on day 14 as the rise was higher), so although I don't think we have been successful, fingers crossed.

    If we've not, I'll be doing it properly next month along with pre-seed. Also got a CBFM from ebay and some strips so be using that too. Due to OV on Christmas day, so I know how oh is going to be woken up!

    Good luck to everyone who's waiting for bfp or to ov and fingers crossed to us on the waiting game...

  • Hi Baby-Princess my cycles have been between 28 days to 34 days (we are on month 6 at the moment for ttc) so I'm due AF from around the 26th December till the 31st December (I think I might POAS on the 31st December if I can hold on that long, lol) which would be an amazing treat for the New Year if it's a BFP.

    I'll definitely need your help for symptom spotting and I always need help to stop me POAS, I swear I should have shares in some HPT brands with the amount I have used, lol.
  • If AF arrives, we'll be joining you!
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