How long after stopping Cerazette did your period return, Part 7

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the How long after stopping Cerazette did your period return, Part 6 thread, as the last part of the thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.

Wishing you all BFP's and baby dust.



  • New thread, new bfps.. come on ladies lets continue trend that has always happened xx

  • I think Kez will be giving us a head start on this thread when she gets the digital one!

    Wow part 7 ..... This thread is amazing!

  • Wahoo for the new thread! 

    Sio - how many dpo are you?! xx

  • Nice one kez!! You'll (and baby) be fine by the way xx

  • hi everyone I am back :) hope everyone is doing well.....whats been happening? How is everyone?

    After my awful mc back in april, I am now 5 and half weeks pregnant.  Lets hope this time is so much better than my last 2 xxx

  • Love this thread. well going by my app it is saying I am due on sunday but that's going on a 34 day cycle (think its taking into account the chemical pregnancy) but I am normally a 31/32 day cycle so going by that I should be due af tomorrow. I have this overwhelming urge to go buy a test, no idea why as I have absolutely no symptoms. think its wishful thinking on my behalf as don't want to start the iui again even though I know its fine and not a problem.

  • Just had a look on my followed posts I think I must have missed the whole of part 6 of this thread.......:/ xx

  • aw Hayley so delighted to see you back. How are you? and big congrats on the bfp. wishing you a healthy happy pregnancy. this time will be fine, don't you worry xx

  • Hi Hayley! Nice to see you back and massive congratulations!!

    I'm so sorry about April, i didn't realise :-( we were due the same time i think (i should have been 8th Nov)... this time, i'm now 23 weeks and our baby boy is due in Jan. i really hope the next 8 months go smoothly for you xxx

  • Thank you im ok a bit nervous still, just want scan to be here so I know if everything is ok or not.  Im hoping it all goes well this time but we just never know.  I just think because the last 2 times I have had mc with the last one being the worst experience I have ever had as was rushed into hospital as passed out at oh's mums in Scotland.  Had to have about 8 bags of fluid and 2 blood transfusion bags that's all still in my head and is making me really edgy.

    How are you?  I haven't read the million posts on the part 6 so you will have to fill me in lol xxx

  • Yeh MillP I was due the 7th November.  Ahhh congratulations to you too :) I didn't come on here much after april and everything xxx

  • HI Hayley, congratulations, I'm sure everything will be fine this time round x. I'm assuming they'll have you down for 'extra care' after last time - that sounds very traumatic, hope you're ok. Did they do any tests to find out what had happened?

  • Thank you Poppy. how is everything with you and your little one now? 

    They said they wouldn't do anything until I have had 3 mc's because I have only had 2.  Im hoping though that it doesn't get to that and everything goes ok this time.  I want to try and push midwife for an earlier scan just so I can put my mind at rest as atm im just worrying that things are going to go wrong xxx

  • Oohh, lots going on on this thread!

    did af arrive today Sio?! I'm praying not!

  • Hello ladies, so sorry for going awol, we've been having a really stressful time with builders (not ours, damaging our property!), work, job interviews, plus it was the due date of the little one I mc which I took harder than I expected. Anyhow, where don't start?!!

    kez how calmly did you mention that bfp!! Haha. Get a digital one quick, can't wait to see it 😊

    Congratulat to you too Hayley!! Unfortunately you are likely to keep worrying after everything you have been through. You shouldn't have to wait for a scan if you mc last time  inhad one at 5 weeks then back at 7 weeks to see heart beat (it was a looong 2 weeks!)  

    Fingers cross for loubylou and sio this cycle!!! Sio you must be close to testing now? I can't believe how quickly your wedding is coming round. It's so exciting! Those gorgeous shoes of yours will be walking down the isle before you know it 😊. Hope the cold goes very quickly. Maybe you're just over whemed about everything at the moment, understandably!

    love the bump and baby pics! Will try and take one today (baby shower today Yey)

    glad doctor was more understanding khw. get your oh on the case to hound them if you don't get answers and support. Your cycles are insanely long. How old are you? I'm 31 and my gp said if I didn't conceive in 6 months to go back due to my medical complications. Id say your cycles are a complication too. 

    welcome to the new ladies 😊

    hope I haven't missed anyone!

  • I did the other test in the packet and it came up positive so I don't think there's any need for a digital. See pic below.

    enjoy the baby shower Beu, it's amazing how many gifts people buy you. Unfortunately I sold/gave everything away a few months ago when I was adamant I was only having the one so need to get all new. Don't think I'll get as much second time round though and try to stick to the basics. 


  • Gosh Hayley sounds like you had an awful time of it :-(

    beu lovely to hear from you, sorry you've been having a rubbishy time! Hope you enjoy baby shower today! 

    Kez massive congrats to you! No doubting that positive!!! Xxx

  • Kez congratulations!!! How are you feeling about it all now?

  • I'm still in shock to be honest. And I'm absolutely petrified after everything that went wrong last time. 

  • How are you anyway rustic? 

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