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Ovulation Test Strips - Part 15



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    Hi everyone, my name is Gem I’ve literally spent the day reading through all these posts and I feel like I know you all so well now lol 

    My story, I’m 37 and I’ve been TTC my first for the past 7 months now, this is the first month I’ve started using OPK just to see if it’s in sync with my apps. My hubby has 2 sons from a previous  marriage who are 21 and 18, I get on with them really well but I’ve wanted my own since as far back as I can remember. Hubby had a vasectomy reversal in February but so far no luck. His semen analysis came back good, he has a high sperm count but extremely low motility :( we’ve been taking vitamins for the past 6 months to try and help with this. Its just such an emotional rollercoaster but reading this post has given me so much hope. You are such a supportive bunch of lovely people so I hope you don’t mind me joining the party :) xxx
  • Welcome Angelgem xx Its always good to have someone to talk to on this emotional rollercoaster. I’m sure you’ll get there soon - it’s just so hard not knowing when. 
    BFN for me today so back to the drawing board 😢
  • Welcome @AngelGem81. Sorry you are going through this. It’s a long and hard journey but such a worthwhile one. Sending you lots of baby dust. Stay positive that you will get your baby!xxxx
  • Welcome & hello 🤗 @AngelGem81 it’s an absolute emotional rollercoaster!! 🤞🤞🤞 for some very good news soon! Opks have always been a huge help pinpointing everything & helping u get to know your cycles better 🙂
  • Thank you so much @Louise 111 @EmJ3 and @missmyangels for the lovely welcome, it’s nice to be around people who understand the struggles xxx 
  • Thanks all for you continued support, and allowing me a safe space to discuss things. I feel like miscarriage is such a taboo subject.  The few friends that do know have said how sorry they are and then never mentioned it again! My hormones are defo dipping and I have been really low and flat this week, it’s been a struggle to get through work, but i had a summer event yesterday that i had organised and have another one today. I have been waking up in the middle of the night sobbing for hours, and getting really anxious about silly stuff. 
    i have had the realisation that perhaps the D&C was what caused all the problems with the bleeds with my subsequent pregnancy.

    @Louise 111 so sorry to hear another bfn.  I hope it happens for you real soon! 

    @tracyttc42017 what a truly awful path you have had with your journey, you have always been so strong and positive for all of us - I really do hope you get your rainbow!! 

    @AngelGem81 welcome and thank you for sharing your journey.  These ladies are so amazing and supportive. 

    @EmJ3 how’s things going? 

  • How are you @mrsfish?

    Matilda’s doing really well- I’m just amazed by her. She really is a dream come true and for those of you ttc- it will all be worth it! I know that you all know this, but sometimes is the emotional rollercoaster of ttc and actually being pregnant, it’s easy to forget.

    the only thing that is bothering me is the guilt or sadness I feel some of the time when I’m staring at Matilda. I still can’t work out (I don’t mean scientifically) why my baby Jacob died last year and we weren’t able to bring him home. It just baffles me. Has anyone else felt this way??? I really am grateful for what we have but it still hurts. Maybe it’s my hormones!!!

    however, it has made me appreciate Matilda a lot more. I even love the night feeds when I can’t keep my eyes open! She’s 3 weeks now and I need time to slow down!xxx
  • @EmJ3 is Matilda still only 3 weeks old, time has defo stood still for me these last couple of weeks.....
    So glad you are loving motherhood! I also love every minute of Amelie, even when she is into all sorts of mischief, which is almost daily now.....

    No change my end. Hospital tomorrow, still haven’t really decided which way to go, as I am worried the D&C caused all the bleeding when i was pg with the twins, and will always wonder if that was connected to losing one, bit also I know I couldn’t manage naturally myself last time, so don’t want weeks of the anguish of that, especially as I have Amelie this time as well to consider.....
  • Aww I bet time has stood still for you. You’re having a rubbish time. I really hope you’re ok.
    It’s a really hard decision @MrsFish. I’ve done both and there’s pros and cons isn’t there. I don’t know about the d&c damage though. I found the d&c easier to deal with emotionally as the waiting for a natural mc is really hard going isn’t it. It took me 4 days to deliver My angel Jacob after lots of pessaries. 

    If natural is better for your body maybe it’s worth a try but it’s emotionally draining and I know you have Amelie to look after. What’s your gut saying? 
  • After a lengthy discussion with the Dr today, we have decided on the D&C scheduled for tomorrow, they felt that after my previous experiences this was likely the less traumatic option........
  • Thinking of you Mrs fish xx 
  • Lots of love & hugs to you @MrsFish, thinking of you 😢😘
  • Thinking of you @MrsFish- sending you lots of
  • Hi, do ovulation strips start to get darker closer to ovulation? I am on CD 15 and they are super super light, like hardly detectable. Just wondering, do I expect it to get darker closer to ovulation? 
  • @Chocaholic88 yes they get darker nearer to ovalation.its best to do the deed a few day's up to ovalation and two day's after your first sokn as your test is nearly positive make sure you are bedding so you dont miss your surge.good luck 😀
  • @MrsFish thinking of you,i think a d&c is best option and you no that all the tissue will be removed so you wont then have complications when you next try to conceive as its very rare to get damage to your womb ect through d&c good luck thinking of you xx
  • @Chocaholic88 yes they get darker nearer to ovalation.its best to do the deed a few day's up to ovalation and two day's after your first sokn as your test is nearly positive make sure you are bedding so you dont miss your surge.good luck 😀
    Thank you @tracyttc42017 my apps say now but they are so faint. But last cycle was 53 days so I might well Ov late. It’s just worrying seeing no second line or very faint. Hoping I get my surge. Fingers crossed xxx
  • Thanks ladies Had my op yesterday, all went well, felt a bit wobbly/nauseous/headache from the anaesthetic, got home about 6pm.  Had a crap sleep but am feeling ok so far this morning - your continued support has been vital for me, knowing I have a safe place to openly discuss how I feel has been so important.  Having others who understand the heart ache and turmoil of the decisions moving forward is so important xxx
  • So glad you’re feeling ‘ok’ @MrsFish, or at least as well as you could be. Xxxx
  • So glad the procedure went well @MrsFish take it easy & take plenty of time to heal & rest as best you can 😘
    Always here for a chat xxx
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