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Hey y'all! Anyone trying to conceive this month? Are you waiting to get tested? I did ovulation tests & got two positives in 2 days. I'm just waiting to take that pregnancy test!!!!!


  • Hi @Babe 1to4 we are TTC baby 2. Best of luck to us all! 🤞
  • Hey @SmithL35 same here. Trying for baby #2 and I'm excited. Been disappointed for a while now. Thank you and best of luck to you too 
  • Hey there, I am currently ttc number 2. Just got the static smiley on the clear blue monitor so will be entering the 2 week wait in next few days. Ttc is so stressful. Good luck to us all 🤞🤞🤞

    Did it takes you guys long with baby number 1? Xx
  • Awww thank you @cheesecoleslaw86. I'm on that waiting journey with you. It is definitely stressful. Good luck to you as well.

    Omg! Number 1 was hard. I cried for this little miracle baby that I now have. She's definitely a blessing. It took us a few years to get her. Did you have that problem?
  • @Babe 1to4 thank you also. We had some difficulty in conceiving as I realised my luteal phase was waaay too short and I needed progesterone to help us conceive. I have managed to get progesterone again so I am hopeful this will help us conceive a little quicker this time. My son has just turned one but as I am 35 I don't want to wait any longer to try.

    Sorry to hear you had such stress getting pregnant last time. But so wonderful you got your gorgeous girlie. At least we can keep each other company on the stressful journey. Xx
  • I totally understand. You wanna give him his sibling now or never. Hopefully it's on for you this month. 

    We're definitely here for each other. Thanks much
  • Hi, 
    Really hope we all have luck this cycle :) 
    4dpo here 🤞
  • @Babe 1to4 yes definitely. It's more that I want a sibling for him than a massive desire for another baby so soon. Here's hoping we are all lucky this cycle 🤞

    @SmithL35 I will be 1dpo tomo. Here's hoping for us all.

    Hate the wait 🙈 although I do always feel relieved when my fertile phase has passed as I know there is nothing more I can do....xx
  • Hey @SmithL35 thank you and all the best. I'm 5 dpo. I can't wait to check :) 

    @cheesecoleslaw86 oh yes I pray we do & I understand because my daughter is lonely and I want her to have that sibling love she deserves. She's the cutest and the kindest and so caring. She has a lot to offer to her siblings. I wouldn't mind twins.

    Lol ik once the fertile phase has passed u just gotta wait which is the hardest thing. 

    All the best ladies! Let's keep in touch too. We got this 👍 
  • Hey everyone, I used to post on here but been having a little break to try and diet my head out a bit - TTC is hideous!! 😵‍💫😵‍💫 

    I’m 42, TTC for nearly 3 years now with my first. 
    Got pregnant last summer but MMC in September at 9 weeks. 
    Had fertility investigations - nothing was found to be a problem but I got pregnant in the middle of it all so they’ve just decided there’s no more they can do since they now know I can get pregnant 🤷🏼‍♀️ 
    Got referred for IVF (self funded), took 3 months to get a call to book a consult but another 2 months until
    consult and probably no start to treatment until Autumn 😳 
    but decided to decline treatment in UK as have been reading about the epic success and lower costs of Spanish clinics. 
    Just about ready to get things rolling there but started acupuncture and Chinese meds so decided to give it a couple of months to settle in. 
    Struggling a bit at the mo as my would be due date in looming next month 😵‍💫 
    but the acupuncture is definitely helping my mindset!! 
    12DPO right now - got a real head f@£k of an evap line a few days ago but BFNs all the way since!! 
    So think I’m out this month and ready to get AF out of the bloody way and move onto a new cycle! 
    Baby dust to you all!! ❤️❤️❤️
  • Hey @KelB79 first of all sorry for your loss.
    TTC is no joke when you desperately want to expand your family and share all the love you have in the world with your child/ren.

    I've been trying to conceive for 3 years too and when I decided to visit the doctor my life changed. The gave me a lab appointment and said I should do blood work on my period and my period never came. I was pregnant!!! Who could it be but God!!! Trust God and pray.

    Ivf is good. U can check out some plces in the US. Just research. You deserve to be a mommy .

    Since this month is out of it. Next time will be better💯

    All the best. You got this 👍 
  • @KelB79 I am so so sorry to hear about your ttc struggles and your v sad loss last year! It must be so difficult knowing the due date is coming up. Be gentle with yourself ❤️ Acupuncture is great. I had it last time I was ttc and it def helped me mentally.

    Ttc is mentally so so difficult. It consumes your every thought. So hopefully we will all be a great support to one another. 

    I have heard so many stories of people who struggled to conceive and then they went onto have ivf treatment and found out they were pregnant before it started. Or people who had ivf for their first and then conceived naturally after. It's such a mind field and so many struggle with it. I've heard of many people who go abroad for ivf and have had great success stories at a fraction of the price. 

    I hope so much I can give me son a sibling but if I can't I will make peace with it and just be grateful to have him and give him the best life that I can 💙

    I am 1 dpo.... Due to start taking my prog tomo...! All bd was as well timed as I could possibly manage soo 🤞🤞🤞 xx
  • We started fertility investigations last March - had a load of tests and was due to go for a laparoscopy on the 27th August - I took a test on the 24th purely to rule out pregnancy and that’s when I got my BFP. We had only actually BD’d once that cycle - on my birthday!!
    it all felt so perfect, like it was meant to be! I guess that’s been the hardest part! 😕

    im CD2 - AF got me yesterday 😐 trying to be positive about a new cycle but feeling really down today! 

    Good luck to everyone!!! xX
  • Aw @KelB79 that is sooo tough. Of course you would think the stars had aligned.... Anyone would have felt the same. Which would have made it all the more heartbreaking to mc ❤️

    And then each month after it doesn't happen gets harder and harder. I had a chemical pregnancy before I got pregnant with my son and although it gave me hope I could get pregnant it made me feel all the more desperate to see another bfp. It took 5 months after the chemical for me to get pregnant again. And it was using progesterone that supported this. 

    It's a rough old journey. And then when af comes you're emotional enough with all the hormone l, never mind the disappointment on top of that. Give yourself a few days to feel low and be kind to yourself and then you'll be ready when the next cycle starts ❤️

    And if you don't fall pregnant before then there is hope with this clinic 🙏 

    This progesterone is making me feel absolutely horrendous 😭 I am 6 dpo and it's hard going. I dread goimg through this every month until I get bfp but needs must xxx
  • @KelB79 so sorry love x
  • I'm 10 dpo today, tested today and might try a frer tomorrow or Weds if I can wait 🤞
  • Was it negative today @SmithL35 or you think there might be a faint line? I'm only 7 dpo and trying to resist taking test as I know there is noooo chance it would be positive at this stage. But I have an addiction to peeing on sticks lol xx
  • Hey @cheesecoleslaw86, well I kind of feel like it wasn't fully stark white but I think I'm just being hopeful. What do you think?

    Actually looking at that photo makes me think it defo is negative! Maybe I test again in a few days. 
    Ahh I know it's so hard to not test!!!! Xx
  • @SmithL35 it's so hard to tell from a picture. I find those preg tests take longer to show up. I hate all the waiting, it's so tough. I'd test again tomo.... I would say wed but if you're anything like me you won't last until then lol I should wait until Thursday (10 dpo) but will prob break Wed. Got a pack of frers waiting 🙈🙈🙈

    I wasn't able to fully confirm ovulation with bbt as my son has been unwell and up several times in the night. I did get positive ov tests and lots of cramping so I am hoping I did ov OK.... My cycles are just settling after bf so makes me more uncertain. Particularly as my ov day was earlier than usual 🤔 I really hate ttc 🙈🙈🙈 xx
  • Ah it's so hard isn't it!! I finished bf 6 months ok and my cycles are back to being regular, the only thing is they seem to be shorter but I'm wondering if Covid has affected them. 
    I have ordered some FRERs so will test again when they arrive, although I have some more cheapies so I bet I end up testing again tomorrow! 
    Keep us updated with testing, will keep my fingers crossed for you xx
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