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This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our Due in February 16 Birth Club who have all given birth to an equally lovely baby (or babies) – hurray! – and we reckon you deserve a nice new shiny thread to chat on.

If you've not been part of the Feb 16 Birth Club so far but have just had a baby (born Feb 2016), do please feel free to post and join in. They're a nice, friendly lot! 

And to kick this thread off with a brilliant treat, we've got a lovely Lamaze Olly Oinker newborn toy (see pic) to send to those of you who join this thread in the next week or so, so get posting!

The Lamaze Play & Grow Olly Oinker, available on Amazon, is a soft and colourful sensory soft toy that's suitable from birth and can be attached to your baby's pram or car seat. Olly's made of bright fabrics and contrasting textures to help stimulate your baby's senses, and he has an apple-shaped teether attached to one of his trotters, for when, a few weeks from now, your baby needs something to chew.



  • Hi Ladies, this is such a good idea because I know the Due in February thread really was a great support for me through the pregnancy and i would hate to lose our support network at this stage when we are all going through the same things. So I hope we all stick together for this next beautiful, exciting chapter with our little miracles.xx

  • Totally agree jcdg xx

  • imageMy little poppet x

  • Oh she is just beautiful Mummy Tortoise.xx

  • Thanks jcdg she's a he 😘 💙 X

  • I'm glad we've got this thread set up to as I found the other one very helpful.

    Parenting is brand new to me and I don't feel I need to sugarcoat my feelings and that folk appreciate the meaning of sleep deprivation and how crazy it makes you.

    My boy is having a wee growth spurt and we're hoping he's back up to birth weight on Thursday and getting close to 7lb.

    Feeding o. Demand is hard this time of night as he seems to be most active so its another night of trial and error. Hoping to get it sorted for daddy going back to worn

  • Ooops sorry mummytortoise!!! Kat 1906 our wee one seems to have an unsettled period from about 10 in the evening until 1ish but I guess that could all change tonight. Its hard to know their patterns just yet as only 5 days today. We changed her food from Aptimal (thats what the hospital had) to Hipp Organic and the difference in her feeding/winding and settling is unbelievable. I actually had to lift her this morning at 5.45 to feed her cause I didn't want it going any longer than 5 hours from her last feed. So any mums out there bottle feeding I would defo look into this. Hope you all have a lovely day today.xx

  • Oh hi everyone. Yes what a great idea this thread is as we question ourselves so many times as mummies and it will be nice to have other mummies to talk to that ate going through the same thing. 

    Well our little scarlett is 3 weeks old tomorrow and we're doing ok. A little sleep, no actually who am I kidding, a lot sleep deprived but we're surviving. We have been having problems with reflux and wind but the hv noticed that Scarlett may have a tongue tie and yesterday she had it snipped so I'm hoping and praying we'll start to see a difference. 

    I hope everyone is ok and getting some sort of sleep. These first weeks although amazing can also be really tough so let's all confide in each other for that extra bit of support. My husband is great but I'm not sure he can fully understand as much as he wants to. Xxx

  • jcdg 10-1 is the exact same for me. One midwife said my milk gets made bet5ween 11-3 approx and since I'm no longer breast feeding he can smell me and that's what he wants rather than a bottle or a cuddle.

    we are in aptamil but didn't think of changing. M health visitor is out tomorrow so will ask her.. Thanks for the recommendation.

  • I am so happy that we have a thread!! Really appreciate all of the support as this new mammy business is very overwhelming and who better to understand than other people going through the same thing!! We are on day 4 now and the sleep deprivation is probably the toughest!!! We managed to get Ava to sleep in her basket during the day but then during the night she's a little tinker!! 


  • hello ladies. such a lovely idea that we can move on and keep this support we get from each other.  we on a day 9 and this we getting there.  breastfeeding is not as painful as it was at the beginning.  going back to poat what andrea was saying in other thread about baby not sleeping in a moses basket.  our lo not sleeping in it as well :( so we just have to use a snuggle nest.  basically we sharing bed with her but it has a metal frame so we always aware that she is there and she sleeps in it with no problems.  already have a little routine.  she wakes up ones a night around 3a.m and then sleeps till about 8. not long now till daddy goes back to work and I feel rather terrified thinking how im going to cope with a new baby alone.  already was crying aboit this yesterday.  I know im capable to do this but just feels scary that ahe going to be depending just on my and my oh loves taking care of her. I had not easy labour and they had to cut me to put forceps it and im still in lots of pain withy stitches and my oh just hepls so much and lets me rest when ever he can so really dreading the day when he goes back to work.

  • Hi everyone,
    We hope you’re doing well with those babies of yours, and they're letting you catch some shut eye.

    We just wanted to let you know about some threads happening on MadeForMums.
    The first is this: Would you put your baby in a box? It sounds bizarre, but it’s a cardboard box for your baby to sleep in! Read more about it here…

    Also, having just given birth, would you do it with your entire family present? A woman in America just did, with her husband, sisters, mother-in-law and her daughter all there! Please do come and tell us over on this thread here.

    And finally, tell us about any books you read to your child and you could win a £100 voucher! That thread is over here!

  • imageMe and baby Patrick are away to visit Grandma and Grandad for the first time to their house.

  • .imageMy big son meeting his little sister.

  • Ooo what is this snuggle Nest and 5 hours interrupted sleep sounds like heaven!!! Did it take long for her to get to that?? Our little lady is only 3 days old longest she has slept is three hours usually 1.5!! My oh goes back a week say and I'm dreading it already!! His first shifts back are night shifts too so I'm gonna feel pretty overwhelmed xx

  • imagethis is the one we have. it has a wedge pillows around baby metal frame covered with material witch is removable to wash and rremovable mattress you can pack it with you when you travel to sleepovers to relatives or elsewhere.  she slept there since night one and never cried about being put in it.

  • just Google baby delight snuggle nest 

  • Hi ladies, you have such beautiful babies. Unfortunately I'm still waiting for my little one to make an appearance lol

  • Just up for a feed she has slept 3 hours 12;30 til 3:30 praying she goes back down 

  • I'm sitting waiting on Grace waking up for her breakfast she was last fed at 3, we got a few hours sleep and then she'll go back down again until 11ish so we really can't complain at all.

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