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  • Hi Everyone, image

    I wish i had known about the due in Sept forum... i'm a little late to the party! My LO was born early Sept so nearing the 4 week mark! Cannot believe how quickly time has flown! Brand new mom so apart from all the anxiety over the tiniest thing i'm loving it image

  • image When tiredness doesn't even matter.💙

  • Welcome Hayley! Chloe he is a doll! congrats!

  • Welcome hayley0409! What's your little girl called and fancy sharing a piccy? 

  • Hi Hayley! Time is flying. My little boy is 2 weeks today. 

    HH I agree that you have to be a super mum to co with more than two.

    Chlooepee I can't get enough baby cuddles. I've been trying out my baby wrap today, I love it!!


    I used it yesterday so I could do the hoovering but today i used it to drink my tea and read my book. So nice having both hands free but baby so close. 👍🏻

  • Ah ladies so lovely to have another thread to catch up and such gorgeous pics. 

    I can't believe oliver is 4 weeks old already - he is such a good sleeper at night - so totally lucky. He will feed at 10- 11, sleep until 3, feed again then sleeps til 7. Eldest used to wake every couple of hours so this is a major change for me. 

    Hope everyone is well and enjoying all the highs of your little arrival's



  • Earthangel where is ur nursery bedding set from. Soooo cute. Oliver is so adorable.  Arlo has good and bad nights but last night was the best.... bed at 10. 1am feed and slept until 7am. Couldn't believe it! He cluster feeds alot in the evening though. He hasn't been off my boobs since 7 lol

    Went to docs today... section scar is infected.  Really annoying because I was starting get to feel human again finally. Back to square 1. It's very sore. Hoping it heals up again... told to clean with salt water and redress and c how we go over next 2 days. Fingers crossed no antibiotics needed xx

  • Thank you karen. The bedding is from babies r us. It is called night night little soldier. We have the curtains, lampshade and moses basket to match. 

    Poor you re the infection hopefully it will all clear up quickly. Not what you need with a newborn. 


  • Hi Hayley 🙋🏼

    Aww karen I hope your infection clears up soon for you 😒 

    How is everyone xxx

  • Good evening all!

    I've not been around much, being stuck in hospital is doing weird things to me! i can't even be bothered with my phone! 

    I hope you're all doing well! 

    Im loving being a mummy but need out of here ASAP.. everything feels like such an effort, I forget that soon there's going to be more to life than a baby hanging off my boob and these 4 walls.. 

    my right nipple HH is hideous. it makes me dread feeding does it you? hes a demanding monkey too and today has fed literally every hour and a half today.😳 It's like he won't settle unless he's on the boob.. any advice or tips on how to stop this? I'm praying for at least 2 hours solid sleep tonight😃

  • Earthangel and gixxers feeling a bit more human today bit had loads of visitors so been sitting down relaxing a good bit which has helped I'm sure. Now they r gone iv found myself cleaning and I need to make myself sit down and chill!! 

    Chlooe it's hard when they feed constantly. Every hour and a half is doing well seeing your lo is so young. My wee man is 3 1/2 weeks and only starting to space his feeds out more now. It's good he's feeding so well... he will settle down I promise and he will start to spread his feeds out more. Has ur milk come in?

  • AAd think of it this way... the more he feeds now the quicker ur nipples will numb up lol mine numbed up after a week and a half lol was great! 

  • My milks came in now and I've been lucky as Jordanna only feeds every 3-5 hours and I'm bf aswell 🙈 Though when she latches on I think she forgets to come off 😂 Seen me sitting/lying for over an hour some times. 

    My nipples are a little tender but think that's cause I used to have mine pierced and the way the healed 😒 Xxx

  • I'm breastfeeding too. Generally she feeds about 3-5 hours but  all depends as sometimes she falls asleep  probably not filling her stomach, which means an hour later she needs feeding again. Even still feel like just walking around in my bra as no point in clothes. Mine are sore at times but it's usually just when she first latches on. xx

  • Just wondered...has anybody had or are planning to have a newborn photo shoot? X

  • Hi everyone. So im also breastfeeding but my lil one seems to want it every hour!! Is this normal?? She also has a very strong suckle and my nipples are so sore!!!! She also screams every time i try n put her down! Help, i feel like im doing a rubbish job!!x

  • Bex be careful about silent reflux... if she cries when u put her down this could be why. My niece has this same problem and it took them a while to diagnose it as my sister put her constant crying down to just being a newborn. She had to get baby gaviscon to help xx

  • My milk hasn't even come in yet so it couldn't be this could it? She's fine when being held little monkey!x

  • Karen I am so lucky.. the night of the Section after they plugged me in to the antiBs I was asked to lactate so they could feed Morgan my boobie milk in neonatal.. there was so much colostrum!! By Wednesday my boobs were absolute basketballs🏀 So much milk so to be honest feedin is getting easier! its just the agony of nipples and no sleep😂

    Marrie i feel you i'd love walk around naked & to dip my nipples in To some snow, that would be amazing wouldn't it❄️ Soothe them in snow😍 Heaven!

    ah bex it's hard isn't it!! Yesterday I felt like you do, like I was doing a rubbish job. But as my mum said, we are ex

  • Marie I have a newborn shoot booked for the 8th of this month :) 

    Chloepee ny still go like basketballs lol 😂 

    as karen said bex watch it's not silent reflux. 

    Nothing worse than feeling a little helpless xxx

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