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  • Thank you Marie feeling a lot better now thankfully just trying to build milk flow back up. 

    im getting in the routine for when she's in her coachbuilt pram 🙈 I love all the Romany style clothing. Frills, bows, sparkles lol x

    shes normally just in a vest or nappy when we are at home and having a chilled day xxx

  • Marie Teddy is always in a sleepsuit too :) x

    Gixxers glad you are feeling better, we've had a cold for the last 3 weeks and so glad it's now gone! Teddy seems to eat and sleep better too x

    Wish me luck tomorrow as we're flying to Australia for two weeks! I hope we survive the flights ♥ xxx

  • Safe journey Erithiel! And please do let us know how you get on with the flights...

    If anyone doesn't get their parcel by Tuesday, please do let me know! 

  • Erithel my husband has been to oz and loves it. Safe journey. 

    Nothing worse than being ill. I really don't like being ill atall. 

    danielle I've not received mine yet 😔 Will let you know when it arrives. 

  • Danielle thank you so so much. We've received our gifts 😍 (will take some pictures when we come back home or tomorrow morning if I get a chance). 

    Love to you all xx

  • Hi all, up doing a feed! However I can't complain Morgan just slept for 4 hours straight in his Moses basket & I crashed out in my bed. inhavent had 4 hours straight sleep in what seems like forever.

    Oh my Erithiel how lush! enjoy your time away and safe journey there 😬 You'll be fine!✈️☀️

    Danielle i know you had my works address,  I'm venturing over there today with Morgan as there are a few gifts there for us so I shall keep you posted!❤️ I'm excited for this!😍

    Beautiful pictures Gixxer Jordanna is looking very fashionable.. I do have kept Morgan in sleepsuites.. tomorrow we are going for our first outing alone so I'm going to dress the little dude up! I hope you're feeling much better now Gixxers!

    i hope Closmith is ok I often think about her xx

  • Chlooepee, I've been thinking about Closmith too - i've just emailed and PMed her to see if she is ok - will let you know if we hear back. 

  • Hi ladies 

    I'm SO sorry I've not been on.. it sounds terrible but I really don't have any time lol or I feel I don't 

    my mums had to go back to work to let me have time off & ive literally got visitors like every day and nearly every night!

    how are we all?!!!! well for everyone?? How are all the babies I had a look at the pictures hehe!!

    chloe how are you ?! A bundle of blue yhats great news !!! 

    Sorry ull try read the thread later xxx

  • Thank you so much for the swaddle blanket Danielle. Xx

  • So glad it's arrived KEmma
    Closmith! AMAZING to hear from you! 

  • Thanks girls.

    chlooepee jordanna has a wardrobe full of clothes 🙈 We had to go out yesterday and buy her sleep suits as she had next to none lol. Don't know how it was possible lol. I blame my mum as she totally threw me off by buying loads of clothes to let me n dad concentrate on cribs, cots & Prams lol xxx

  • sorry to ready some of the Ed have colic and not been well! What a shame!!!!

    hows everyone been feeling emotionally?? 

    I had to give up breastfeeding film tkme. Viviana was 6lb 1oz when she was born then went down to 5lb in 4 days so we got admittee back to hospital absolutely I was advised to bottle and breastfeed.. my milk just di come in for some reason. I was hooked up to two breast pumps and told to expres every two hours but they had to give her a bottle as they said she would literally starve 

    I give her bottles and let her latch on afew times a day not for a proper feed note just foe comfort

    iopw you all have a get weekend xx

  • Closmith, please PM us your name and address when you can. 

  • So nice to hear from you Clo! glad you and Viviana are both doing well; sounds like your super busy with all the visitors! I don't know how you do it.. I've been quite strict & feel cruel on the visitor front as hardly anyone has met Morgan & hes 2 weeks old tomorrow.. I've just not been feeling it, i'd rather sleep and do my chores when he does!🤔 At least you're doing what is right for you both. the midwives are quick to push breast feeding but it's bloody exhausting and emotionally draining.. especially if you were struggling with your milk supply as well! 

    Gixxer it sounds like Jordanna has more clothes than me 😂🙌🏾 i love the bits in ASDA. they are sook reasonably priced and have some really cute stuff in! 

    Ive not been in to work yet Danielle! will let you know once I have xx

  • afternoon ladies i started writing a huge reply last week and got interupted and then when I came back on had to sign in and it was gone so completely lost the thread of what i was talking about .... Hope ur all doing well and beautiful pictures... Chloee so glad to hear u and Morgan are home 😘

    Earthqngel hope things are getting better for you at home and just a rough couple of days you were having?? 

    Hh88 hope ur ok and breast feeding still going well And ur feeling better! 

    Wow closmith Isla is 4 weeks now and my visitors have demished lol... Think novelty worn off about a week later and even my mum has only seen her twice 😔 Glad ur doing well tho and baby is healthy and gaining weight again, so nice to hear from you. 

    thanks so much daniellemfm recieved my swaddle on Thursday 😘

  • Closmith I know the feeling luckily Jordanna hasn't lost weight she's been piling it on. She's now combi fed as I felt like she wasn't getting enough from me and was mega hungry.  I try and express with my electric pump every couple of hours when I can. 

    totally agree breastfeeding is draining I get tired after feeding Jordanna's but then again she does latch on for an hour sometimes more at a time lol

    chloeepee I love Asda and it's a 10ninute walk from my house lol and Tesco is 5 minutes the other way lol. I got her wee pink bambi pram suit from Asda and she has loads bambi items from there 🙈

    ive always bought from Asda or Tesco even with my other 2 girls. There clothing is so hard wearing and defo value for money 🙈

    I bought off eBay this time round little Romany dresses and they only cost me £14-£16 rather than the usual £50,£60,£70 lol love a bargain xx

  • Chlooepee, we sent it to the Trevern addy - hope that was the right one?

  • Hi all.

    lovely to see all is well with you And viviana closmith.

    the colic situation here is awful. today oliver just screamed for 4 hours solid. We are using colief in his bottles but I feel utterly helpless as no amount of hugging, swaddling, walking the floor etc made any difference. Think I am going to try an anti colic formula to see if that helps. Only plus is that he is able to sleep at night and still only wake for 1 feed.  

    Hope everyone else is having a good weekend.


  • image 

    Our swaddle was delivered to Trevern and we picked it up yesterday afternoon, Thankyou so much DanielleMFM we shall give it a go today morgan LOVES being swaddled! Yesterday was our first outing, we walked the beach way to my work where both my colleagues & elderly clients were made up to meet him; bless them. 😍

    image image

    Earthangel poor Oliver! It must Ben horrible having to listen to the scream, its such a painful one isn't it 😫 The HV told me to tilt Morgan's crib & try infacol! its working he now settles in his basket after a feed without screaming blue murder or spitting back up! Worth a shot if you haven't tried that! 

    Haha love a bargain Gixxers. That's ideal isn't it! I bought an adidas originals set for Morgan yesterday, down to 25.00£ From 40£ an absolute bargz haha! 😂


  • Poor Oliver ethriel :( I use infacol at every feed and after if that fails a little hot water with suger in it. 

    Cant beat a bargain chloeepee 🙈 My hubby is always moaning cause I go looking for bargains lol..

    jordanna ended up nowell yesterday wee soul couldn't do the toilet and kept being sick 😰 Was a shame. luckily she's a lot better today xxx

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