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  • Awwwww bobble she’s soooo cute :) was Rosie on your list of names then?? I’m not sure if I remember you mentioning it....I love it Rosie faith just fits so nicely together 

  • Nooo mrsrees lol it was only in the running for around 3 weeks lol it was always gonna be emily till then, and faith i only suggested two days before admission! I love the sentiment of her middle name though!

    Mrsfish she was 6lb 9.5oz, on 20th centile so all tht worry about weight wasnt needed after all! 

    Had a break through last night and for the firat time she had some sleep between 12-4 shes norm up all this time, shes fed at 2.30,6:00 and 9:15 this am, so proud xxx

  • So glad you got a bit of rest - early weeks are tough so grab every minute you can, it’s not long before they find their own routine 😁

    We has a cool down bath mid morning 


  • Does anyone follow the Instagram page - Lamaze are bringing out the most amazing toy!! Want, want, want one for Millie!! Xx

  • Bobble she is just beautiful! Such a lovely weight as well! love The name Rosie and her middle name is just so special and suits her perfectly! Yay for some sleep! Is she breast or bottle fed? 

    Mrs fish look at Millie’s little face awww she’s adorable! I’ll have to follow them and see what this toy is xD 

    can’t believe Harry’s a week old today, it’s gone so quickly! After saying yesterday I’m giving up on breastfeeding he’s actually latched this morning and only had an Ounce of formula to top him up so I hope it stays thaT way And he doesn’t go off it again! We are registering his birth this afternoon, we have a little Harry James 💙

  • Hey ladies, thanks for setting up this thread mrsfish! 

    I haven't got time to do personals ATM as we're in Spain (been here 2 weeks, 1 more week to go). We've definitely got our hands full with a 6 year old and 5 month old lol, very busy but I am reading and following the chat every few days 😁 

    Lovely to see all our success stories and beautiful bubbas ❤️🤗 

  • Awww harry James how sweet :) yay for latching 

    there’s a book by Giovanna fletcher called happy mum happy baby she went through a mc then went on to have her 2 boys buzz and buddy and is now pregnant again and she talks about loads of stuff including her struggle with breastfeeding it’s not an advice book just her experience but may be worth a read for you guys I’ve read it and really enjoyed it 

    I love the sentiment of faith bobble I’ve got a bracelet thing for Miscarriage awareness that says hope faith courage strength and the sentiment of that is lovely I may even put hope in a girls name as I’ve always told myself and other ladies to have hope so may be fitting 

    ariya Olwen hope Rees sounds quite nice :) 

    ele you lucky thing being in Spain sounds lovely although it’s hot enough here to be in Spain haha

    mrs fish awww I love the cuddled up in a towel pics really cute 

  • Ele hope you’re having a lovely time in Spain! 

    Mrs Rees that sounds like a good read! I might look into getting it! 

    How is everyone? 


  • Awww harry!

    My poor baby has had a right night day, ubsettled after every feed was really distressing to see! Rang doctors and spoke to condesending doctor who basically talked me through winding think ive cried hysterically at least three times today....until we realised the problem, yday afternoon we were out for the day and bought one of the premade bottles for convieniance and have been mainly using that today and onight as must use within 24 houra defo hasnt agreed with rosie, shes had norm bottle made three hours ago and still out for the count, so ill not be using those again, silly mama! 

    Hope all well xxxx

  • Ah wow mummyL&H I love how awake and alert he is what beautiful eyes 😍😍

    awww bless little Rosie they have such sensetive tummies hope she settles down and things are more relaxed for you both 

    I wanted to show you guys the bracelet I brought it’s one of those awareness bands like for cancer research but this one is for miscarriage 


    It says hope fai

  • It says hope faith courage strength and while yeah it supports mc awareness, the words always make me think of you girls and all the girls I’ve met on this journey you all give me hope faith courage and strength and i see all those attributes in all of you 

    we are damn strong people 💪💪❤️❤️

  • So many cute pictures 😍😍 we are all such lucky mummas!

    Mrs Rees of course we don't mind you coming over.

    Mummytolilyandharry how is the feeding going?

    Mrs fish I hope Millie hasn't ended up with the pox!

    Bobble how is Rosie now? Hallie's fine with them so maybe try get again when she's a bit older if they'll really help out when you're out and about. Poor little thing!

    Elexox hope you're enjoying your time away! 

    It's less than 3 weeks until our holiday now. An 8 hour flight and 2 weeks in Florida with a 4 month old (turning 5 months when there). I'm crazy right?! 😂

    Although Hallie is very excited to wear her personalised bodysuit. You can't see in the picture but it says my 1st trip to Disney!



  • Omg lisil I am in love with that vest and ears that is one of the cutest things ive ever seen in my life 😍😍😍 

    hope you have a lovely time I can’t wait to go to Florida and disney one day but that day is a long way off, between trying to buy a car and pass my test, saving for a deposit for a house and mortgage and everyday bills and stuff my money is fixed for a long time 

  • Bobble oh no poor Rosie ☹️ At least you managed to figure out what was causing the discomfort! hope She’s been okay since? 

    Mrs Rees love the bracelet! 

    Lisil I gave up breastfeeding, he was okay latching in the end but would come off after 5 minutes and refuse to latch after that and I know there was still more milk in there as they’d be like a tap when he came off and I just accepted that as long as he’s happy then im happy, I did phone the local breastfeeding help and I told them everything i had bought and tried and she couldn’t recommend anything else (🙄) I definitely don’t think there’s enough support for people struggling to breastfeed I was in tears everyday feeling like a failure and since I’ve come to terms with it not being successful I’ve just been able to enjoy harry and not stress! I’m just glad he had the good bit off of me! Oh wow how exciting!! I’ve been lucky enough to go to Florida twice as a kid and as a teenager and its my dream to take lily (& Now harry) I hope you have a lovely time! Hallie is So lovely such a beautiful big smile! 

    Mrs fish I’m feeling the same as you now and already want another one! Oh has said no never again said he can’t put up with me moaning and worrying for 9 months 😭 I just feel like I’m only 25 and one more couldn’t hurt 😜🤰🏼 

  • My hubbie is going to have the snip after we have one more - he defo doesn’t want anymore after that lol.  I wish I was only 25 - going to be 40 in November! 

    I have mixed feelings between having a few months off and celebrating several 40th’s that I have coming over next few months or Being bang on it.  I have started periods again, but not sure I am ovulating, so might just leave it in natures hands for a few months......

    exciting golidaynfor you Lisl - I am trying to remember if it is a family holiday or wedding or something? It was a long time ago when you mentioned it on the ttc thread!! 

    We are looking at getting away, but haven’t managed to get anything booked as yet.....

  • Mummytolily how Are you getting on? 

    Ele are you visiting family? Lucky sausage - 3 weeks in Spain 😁 X

  • Mrs Reese how are you doing? Xx

  • I’m doing good thanks Mrs fish, feeling a lot better in myself now 

    im glad I have you on the ttc journey with me now let’s hope it happens quick so Millie has a baby bro or sis really close but defo understand your struggle with deciding what to do, I’m just dtd as much as I can helps that oh is super into it at the minute 

    I’m 24 but oh is 34 so I’m hoping it all happens quickly as I’d love about 4 kids if I can and don’t wanna be having a baby and hubby being nearly 50 but if that’s how it happens then that’s what we will do age is but a number 

  • Mrs Rees I am 39 and oh is 44 so we are oldies  😂😂

    I have to say, I was warned that I would be too tired to starting again and have a new born, but I have been super lucky and Amelie has slept through the night from 8 weeks - of course we have the odd night where it doesn’t go to plan, but she is generally very good 😁

    I think that those early few weeks where you cuddle them all the time is crucial for making them feel secure and happy, it is literally a few weeks before they will happily sit and watch you cook dinner and life gets sooo much easier xx

  • Mrs fish something I have learnt is never wait for other people’s special occasions to have a baby I waited for my friends wedding, her wedding was a year and 4 months Ago and I’ve only just had my baby! I’m gettjng on amazingly though thank you for asking :) 

    mrs Rees are you ttc again or are you just going with the flow atm?

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