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  • Dinner is always all 3 of us sat at the table.  We have dinner around the same time every day 5pm.  We talk about our day and catch up.  It's a good time to talk about any bad things or things troubling us. 
  • We love sitting down all together and discussing the days events and eating homemade curry, pasta dishes, roasts, stir fries, salads and a lot of chicken based dinners.
  • I have 3 young children, we eat together at the table with Daddy too every night except on a Friday where we eat pizza and watch a film. Our dinners at the table are usually a fun experience, my 7 and 4 year olds chatting enthusiastically or guessing the song that comes on. While the toddler tries to make everyone laugh. There are a lot of mmm noises from the kids if it is a particularly yummy dinner!
  • deciding what to have every day is a challenge for sure!
  • Our family meal times seem to be dominated by our daughter and youngest son, no one else gets a word in!
  • Well, I cook from scratch whenever I can. Not so much for convenience but simply to encourage my daughter to do the same. Pasta is a favourite but it's always nice to experiment from the usual bologneses and tuna bakes - I'm always happy for my daughter to lead the way with that.
  • Usually we eat in front of the television. Not great, I admit but we make sure we sit round the table at weekends. Meals vary, today was chicken stew, last night was chilli con carne and so on.
  • Meal times are always crazy in my home but dinner time is peak crazy but is also my favourite time, we try to eat together as a family every night and at least once a week get the whole family involved in the cooking. 
  • Meals with my 5 kids aged 5-11yrs old are hectic!! They all sit on the couches or at the table usually with the TV on, but they are so eager to get back outside to play that I end up having to repeat myself 100 times saying "sit down and eat your dinner first" even though they are all eating it sounds like they are at a football match with all the shouting, laughing and joking around. I Wouldn't have it any other way though as a silent house would mean they have grown up and they're not kids for long!  :#
  • Family meal times here are loud! It's the one time of the day when we are all together so it's a great time to talk about everything that has happened during our day.

    We all take a role and help out with cooking, dishing up and serving. My son gets the drinks and cutlery. My partner helps me serve and gets me ingredients while I cook.

    It's one of my favourite times of the day.
  • A home cooked vegan meal eaten together around the kitchen table.
  • We try to eat dinner together every night and almost always it's cooked from scratch.  I am aware however that we need to eat more fresh vegetables.  It's not a case of trying to hide them, just that there's no greengrocer near us and the supermarket vegetables aren't as fresh as I like, so we rely on frozen most of the time.  We're eating more chicken or salmon dishes like pasta bake, lasagne, curry and planning for winter by planning what slow cooker meals we're going to prepare.  
  • We have regular meals together at 6pm and it is great fun and also a nice family time when we all eat together and talk about our days. I love it and will be sad once my kids are too old to eat out or with their friends/partners. 
  • I absolutely love cooking and as a busy nurse I find it’s my escape after a stressful day. I try to get my daughter to help so that she wants to eat what we cook. We have also started growing vegetables which has been great too. 
  • We call our evening meal 'tea' and it's usually at 6PM - or thereabouts! 
    It's a time for talking as well as eating, so I insist that we all sit together at the table. It's perfect 'family time'!
    Money is a little tight but we manage to get by and are grateful for what we have.
  • I have older children who come and go and grab food as they pass through the kitchen. Regular meals where we all sit down together is on a weekend. Im strict about two meals a week where we all help out and share a cooked meal usually pasta or rice based all sitting round the table and no phones allowed. 
  • The children can't wait to sit at the table with the family, they love telling us stories of what went on in school, or when they're out playing with friends on the weekend because we all have time for one another to listen and have a great laugh too. If it's a spag bol night they love to help in the kitchen and make the meatballs to go in the sauce, plus lumps of cheese goes missing when i turn my back! lol 
    It was how i was brought up and i loved the whole feeling of being a part of a loving family that took time to listen to you and enjoy your company, and that's how i want my children to see, that no matter what life throws at you, your family is there for you & meal times are so important to have all together. It's a wonderful bonding experience that will create so many wonderful childhood memories .
  • Getting the whole family together at the same time can prove to be rather challenging so sometimes I feel we are eating in shifts (thank goodness for things like microwaves and slow cookers).
    Whenever we can (usually at weekends) we sit and a meal together with spaghetti bolognaise being a family favourite along with a roast dinner on Sunday. We try and catch up on everyone's week; the highs and the lows and really can be a bonding time. 
  • I like getting everyone around the table, no distractions of TV, phones or Ipads and talk to each other properly about our days.  I tend to batch cook at weekends and freeze meals for during the week to make things easier because I work all day.  We love homemade lasagnes, cottage pie and pasta bakes with lots of veggies.
  • We all eat around the kitchen tab,e and discuss our days. I ask the kids to tell me one good thing, one not so good thing and one funny thing that happened that day and it’s a great way to start a discussion.
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