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Due in July 2019

Hello - and congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm DanielleMFM and it's really lovely to see you here.

If you'd like to join this group and meet others who are also Due in July 2019, please do post a reply on this thread and tell us about yourself.

If you're due in a different month, check out our other birth clubs; you can find them here.



  • So excited to be apart of the July 2019 Birth Club. Even though I'm due July 4th, I'm pretty sure I will be induced at 38 weeks, since I am high risk. This will be my first baby and second pregnancy, so I'm very nervous. Hopefully this will be our rainbow baby <3 Congrats to everyone getting their BFPs :)

  • Hi all! 

    I got my BFP on Monday night! My husband and I were surprised at how quickly it happened but we’re both over the moon. This is our first baby! 

    I came off my pill mid August and had a withdrawal bleed around the 23rd August but haven’t had anything since. I don’t have my first midwife appointment until Tuesday. 

    I used a clear blue digital and it said 3/4 weeks and aparantly in the instructions this means doctors will say you‘re around 4/5 weeks. 

    I just wondered if anyone else had used clear blue digitsl and how accurate they were?

    Also, congratulations to everyone with BFP’s!! 


  • i am 17 and i just found out i am pregnant how do i keep my baby healthy someone please help. Also my bf wants me to get an abortion but I dont know what to do.

  • Welcome hopefulmama2019, and huge congratulations on your rainbow baby! We are thrilled for you. Congratulations Peachykeen too - what a surprise getting pregnant so fast - you guys must be over the moon. 

    Hi 17nworried: we're sorry to hear about your situation - is there someone you can talk to in real life? Maybe someone at school or college or your mum or aunt? 

  • Hi everyone!

    Very excited to be a part of this group. I got my BFP (big fat positive right?) yesterday! So super new to the idea but excited!

    im expecting my first and have been a career nanny before transitioning to nanny recruitment this year so looking forward to making the big change to being a mum!

  • Hi Tinker Meli that’s so exciting and congratulations on your BFP! I got mine on Monday! 

    how have you been Feeling? X 

  • Hi Tinker Meli, huge congratulations to you, and welcome to the thread. While you're here, may we borrow your expertise? Can you help with either of these threads? 
    One is about a nanny telling her employer she is pregnant. 
    The other is napping advice for a 12 month old... we reckon you might have some good knowledge! 

  • Congrats Peachykeen and Tinker Meli! I found out on Monday as well, and then tested again on Wednesday (the day AF was supposed to show up) and had a darker line :) Where are you girls from, I live in Canada.

    17nworried, so sorry to hear about your situation. You should definitely call your GP or gynecologist and get a referral for an OBGYN. You should probably also tell someone close to you and discuss your options– whatever you and your bf want to do should be most important. Everything will work out in the end, stay strong.

  • I’m from Scotland 😊 I’m so excited! Got my first midwife appointment on Tuesday. How have you been feeling? X

  • Oh wow, that's super fast. I sent in my fax on Wednesday, but haven't heard back from them yet. Usually my first appointment is at 6 or 7 weeks because they do the ultrasound, and anything earlier than that is too hard to see anything.

    I've been feeling well, just sore boobs and very tired and a little stressed out. I know this is weird to say and I might regret it, but I'm hoping for morning sickness. Anything that will ease my mind that I haven't miscarried.

  • hi DanielleMFM and hopefulmama2019 no i have no one i can trust with this i am on my own but i need to see a doctor but idk how i will get to one 

  • Hi everyone! I found out I was expecting baby number 2 this week, due date is looking like 3rd July! So excited, also a bit terrified at the prospect of 2 little one's haha.

    My first baby was born premature (6 weeks) and had a pretty rocky first 5 weeks, including surgery at just 4 weeks old :( anyone else here having a pregnancy after a previous premature baby? I'm so nervous about it happening again!

  • Hi hopefulmama2019 yeah I know, I’m hoping they’ll be able to date me properly. Clear blue digital said 2/3 weeks which aparantly is 4/5 weeks! 

    im the same, I’ve had cramping and sore boobs but nothing really. I haven’t been bleeding or anything. 

    Im the same, I’m trying not to get stressed out! X 

  • @17nworried call your own GP and they should refer you to your midwife. Are there any friends etc that could go with you so you’re not alone? 

    What about trying to talk to your boyfriend some more? X 

  • Hi Hg1987, welcome back to the forum - we remember you from a long time ago! Congratulations and it's lovely to have you here. 

    17nworried, are you able to talk to your GP surgery directly? Or maybe try calling your local hospital maternity unit? 

  • Hi ladies, I got my BFP on Thursday, so excited!! Literally the best feeling ever. 

    This may sound like a stupid question, but what do I do? Do i need to see my doctor, ring a midwife?! I’m from England.

    Ive seen a couple of posts where women are getting ultrasounds at 8 weeks - is this NHS?



  • Hiya Sarbear92 Cingratiations on your BFP! It’s an amazing feeling - I totally agree! 

    I called my GP surgery and they put me untouch with my midwife. I’ve got my first appointment on Tuesday. I’d give your GP a call and see what they say 🤗 

    How have you been feeling? X 

  • Thank you Peachykeen - how far along are you?

    ive been feeling really good but although I think I’m only about 4 weeks along I feel constantly so co! 

    I just want to tell everyone I’m so excited 😂 x

  • *i feel constantly sick!

  • Hi SarBear92 thats so exciting! I took a clear blue digital and it said 2/3 weeks so aparantly doctors date you at around 4/5 weeks so I’m going with that just now. 

    Ive got my midwife on Tuesday so Im hoping she can give me more information then. 

    Apart from cramping I’ve been feeling okay, quite tired. 

    We‘ve only told our parents so far but I cant wait to tell friends etc! 

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