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Hello and huge congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm @DanielleMFM and it's lovely to see you here. 

Welcome to Due in April 2020! If you'd like to join this thread and meet others who are also due this month, please do post and introduce yourself.

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  • Hi!! I’m @Rxbxcca, just found out I’m pregnant meaning my due date will be in April, I still can’t quite believe it but I’ve got so many tests lined up it must be true aha !
  • Hi @Rxbxcca welcome to the forum and huge congratulations on your pregnancy! We're sure there will be lots of other women joining you soon, so sit tight! How you feeling? Mindblown? 
  • I've just found out I'm pregnant!!!! Acccording to my online calculator it should be due on April 6th!!! Absolutely over the moon xxx
  • Hello! I was just wondering if this is positive? My friend took this test tonight (first time) it's faint but a lot clearer in person but we wanted another opinion on it. It's a bit darker at the bottom but you can still see the top part of the line  in person! Thanks in advance.
  • I've just found out I'm pregnant!!!! Acccording to my online calculator it should be due on April 6th!!! Absolutely over the moon xxx
    Hi @misselgee24 congratulations!!!! Ive just found out im due.. also 6th April!! Hope you have a smooth and easy pregnancy 😊 xx
  • Welcome @misselgee24 and congratulations! How you feeling so far? 
    And welcome to you too @Lauren0406 Have you been trying long? Lovely to have you here! 
    Hi @Hopefullymumtobe is your friend late on her period? Maybe try a pink dye test as we've heard good things about them. 
  • Thanks amazing ! Congratulations!! My online calculator says I’ll be due 5th of April !!
  • Thank you for the reply! Not yet! Going to the shops later for one. She took this test this morning and it's a bit clearer, she's 1 day late x
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    Hi ladies ! Iv just found out I’m pregnant ( after fainting and face planting the floor last night ) and am due in April!!

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    Anyone in Manchester area or nearby I would love a due date buddy 😊😊😊 congratulations to everyone! By the way I’m 27 a nurse and this will be my first!!! 
  • Hi @Nat1992 welcome to the thread and huge congratulations! Hope you're alright after your trip last night? I fell down some stairs when I was pregnant and had a whopping bruise on my bum! 
    We also need to let you know that we've edited your post above as we don't allow folks to post about Facebook/WhatsApp - it's one of our forum rules, but no harm done as we know you're new. 
    Obviously, we're not saying you can't be in a Facebook group (we're not that nuts!) but we just don't allow posting about them on the forum, you see, we love having you all here, posting and supporting each other through pregnancy – and we don't want you to go anywhere else!
    Please do drop us a line back if you'd like to talk about this some more.
  • Hi, 
    I found out I’m pregnant on Friday with my first. 
    Due date early April 2020 
    Still doesn’t feel real at the moment as me and my husband have been trying for a while- we’re both over the moon! 
    Is anyone getting any symptoms as this stage yet or is it just me ? 
  • Hi @Marshall1991 welcome and huge congratulations! What symptoms have you had so far? 
  • Thank you ! 
    Intermittent nausea, cramping/bloating and weeing lots!
    Didnt think i would get so many symptoms so early - I’m 4 weeks 6 days 😊
  • Hi just found last friday that I'm pregnant confirmed today with blood hcg results which were 419hcg my question is that normal for this early as the nurse said it was very high for 4 weeks 6 days? Due 31st March/1st April

    I am a very paranoid person at first I thought my 17 positive tests were going to indicate kidney damage. So now just found out that high hcg could be single/twins or a molar pregnancy which I'm terrified that it is.
    First baby and me and my fiance have been trying for a little over a year so I dont want to get my hopes up. Any advice would be great? 
  • Hi @marshell1991 yes all day sickness and nausea, severe stomach cramps last week, sore boobs for the last 2 weeks and bloating.

  • So after about 11 tests it still hasn’t sunk in that I’m expecting baby number 2. Lines getting stronger each day...husband thinks I’m crackers buying so many tests haha. 3 days late now and all tests I’ve took have had faint positives that are getting clearer although the clear blue digital tests gave me a not pregnant reading on the day of my expected period (3 days ago) which has made me buy all different tests to see what they say, which have been the same as above. So yeah go us😍😃 major symptoms of hurting boobs and constantly weeing 
  • I’ve found the bloating the most noticeable symptom- my tummy looks huge! 
    5 weeks tomorrow 😊 Have self referred to the midwives today so should have an appt between 8 and 10 weeks. Weve also organised a private scan at around 8 weeks as I’m so impatient ! 
  • Hey @Marshall1991 I self referred last friday. Can I just ask how did you organise a private scan? 
  • I organised it through a company called window to the womb who do private scans from 6 weeks onwards 😊
  • Welcome @KirstyTTC1st and @Betters92 - loving all those tests @Betters92
    Try not to stress too much if you can @KirstyTTC1st - maybe you're further along than you think which is why your hcg could be high? 
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