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Welcome to due in April 2021 and huge congratulations on your pregnancy! 

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  • Hello all, not sure if there is anyone else here yet or if this is in the correct place. I had my bfp a few days ago and am extremely excited but also so anxious. I've had 3 miscarriages in the last year and a bit, I'm hoping this one sticks. Due April 11th 🤞
  • I may be joining you if these lines get darker and it sticks! 🤞 only 8 dpo right now😬 I was so surprised to see a line this early! 
  • Hi ladies,

    @Victoriajayne congratulations on your BFP. 💕🥰🥳
    I got a very faint positive yesterday (14dpo) on Clearblue and a faint one today on a Boots cheap test. I'm scared to believe it's true!

  • Hello @Victoriajayne @Kd050811 and @rebel.vegan and huge congratulations to all of you! We're so glad to see you kick off this new birth club. 

    @Victoriajayne we would love to wish you the stickiest of beans - we understand how anxious you must be feeling, but all we can say is take each day at a time. Try not to think too far ahead, if possible (we know that is easier said than done). 

    We have dropped you all a handy tips private message, but do let us know if you need anything. 
  • Thank you @DanielleMFM x


    @rebel.vegan @Kd050811

    Congratulations to you both. Hope you're all well today. I have been testing morning and night and watching mine get darker which is the only reassuring thing I'm holding on to at the moment. My last pregnancy they didn't get darker very quickly and I miscarried at 9 weeks. I wish I could stop testing, I just can't resist doing it. Hope you both have a fab day. 

  • @Victoriajayne I’m sorry to hear about your miscarriages! I hope this is a sticky bean for you xx 

    here is my FRER with FMU! 

    I’ll continue to test every morning with cheapies, maybe another FRER on Thursday. 

    Due April 21 (two days after my bday).

    welcome @rebel.vegan! Those look like great lines
  • @Kd050811, I'm due 4 days after my birthday! I'm feeling positive. I'm testing daily with the internet cheapies too. I used to clear blue weeks indicator last week. Got one of those left. X 
  • Hi ladies, firstly Congratulations!! Them lines are defiantly showing @Kd050811 🤗
    I’m new to TTC I have recently lost my baby boy in May at 16weeks and just feel so empty inside. Me and my husband had been TTC for over a year. 
    Could I ask.. when you say dpo are you counting that day from your highest OV date or possibly the predicted OV window? I’m tracking my OV through the FLO app. I’m so confused.. thanks ladies x
  • Hi @Kylie1987, I counted from 2 days after my LH surge positive result. So if I had that Monday. Day 1dpo would be Wednesday. Presuming I ovulated on Tuesday.  Good luck. X
  • Please forgive me @Kylie1987 for not  firstly saying I'm so sorry for your miscarriage. I know how you feel. It's so hard. X
  • @Victoriajayne thank you for your message. Means a lot, it’s so hard!! 
    I haven’t been testing my LH serge just following this FLO app which is telling me my highest OV date would have been 24th July (day14) which we made use of this date.. 🤞🏻For baby dust however I tested last night and it was a BFN, am I testing too early do you think? X
  • @Kylie1987 so sorry to hear about your miscarriage.
    For you I would count 25th July as 1dpo so today you're 11dpo - I think that's too early to test - it's so hard waiting and waiting!! Baby dust to you ✨🤞🏼

    @Kd050811 congratulations on your BFP! 💕

    I'm due on 15th April xx
  • @rebal.vegan thank you so much for explaining. I thought this would be the case but my app was confusing me as it was giving me OV dates before the 24th too. Was Confusing!! 
    I will wait till 8th which is the first day of hopefully my missed period 🤞🏻 
    Congratulations on your BFP🤗

  • @Kylie1987 no worries and thank you - I'm still too scared to believe it - I'm going to test all week 🙈. Fingers crossed 🤞🏼 and lots of baby dust for you! ✨💕xx
  • @rebel.vegan that’s exactly what I was like it’s such a lovely feeling.
    Thank you Lovely
  • Hi @Kylie1987 I’m sorry about your miscarriage 😢! I use LH (ovulation) tests and I also have been keeping track of my basal  body temperature (BBT) to track my ovulation. I use an app called fertility friend to track. Once the temps have been higher 3 consecutive days in a row it means that first day would be the day after ovulation! 

    I find the apps can be wrong in highest ovulation dates (for me- as my cycles vary) therefore it was easier to understand when I ovulated when I used LH tests and BBT.

    goodluck xx
  • The first few days after my positives I felt a heaviness/twinges in Center uterus area and sore nipples, but now feel like I don’t have any symptoms at all. How do the rest of you feel??
  • Hi @Kd050811 - since about 4po I've had a headache every single day!! I felt really nauseous a few days ago just before my BFP and I still get a wave of feeling a bit sick. I've been really tired and hot over the last couple of days!

  • FRER got darker! Yee! Still have a digital to take, maybe tomorrow! ☺️

    On unfortunate news, my best friend who got pregnant two weeks before me may be going through a miscarriage :( I feel so bad!! I was able to tell her about my positive before she started bleeding. I’m trying to be there for her anyway I can! And I know it’s still a real possibility that I can go through one too.
  • @Kd050811 that line is definitely darker. I'm going to do my digital one on Monday (if I can wait that long!)
    I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. You must feel torn between your emotions. Sending you and her lots of love. xx

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