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  • @Stokiejodie I was looking at the harness carries as well as like you have a dog to walk so figured it may make my life a little easier. I was going to wait though till baby is here as I have to have c-sections and currently have an umbilical hernia (which I developed this pregnancy) so if it gets worse I may need it repairing at the same time as delivery. So I won’t be able to use the carrier for a while. That’s one of the reasons I picked the pram I want as it’s good for all terrain so should be good walking the dog still. The carrier I like the look off was the nuna cudl, that’s about £150 I think. Like I said it’s a mind field of what il actually need this time so trying to hold off a little. 
  • Sorry I forgot to send photos of the moses basket and changing matt. Excuse the clutter as spare room is full of clutter atm as waiting for stuff be taken up the loft. Xx
  • Went pre term birth clinic again yesterday to try finish off the anomaly checks and measure cervix.

    Baby is still being a nightmare by being breach and facing my back so still couldn't see clearly so still no photo. Really worried about 4d scan now if just going be waste of money. Any tips on how to get baby to turn over to face my stomach ?

    Also he managed to find my cervix this time but said it was marginally short at just 32mm. So im going back in 2 weeks to have scan again and some cervical swab to see if its shortening. Hopefully thats just how mine is, despite being shorter than it should be for my gestation, and not that there is something wrong and could go into early labour. Google said shouldn't be between 30mm to 35mm untill 32 to 36 weeks xx
  • When my not was breech I remember looking on google to try different exercises to turn him he didn't turn till I was 39 weeks 🤦🏼‍♀️got some sleep suits and sleeping bags today makes it so real now seeing little clothes again 🥰🥰got bits for my hospital bad aswell nightys my granny knickers lol and slippers 
  • I supose it doesn't matter if breech atm as only 23 weeks so got time to move but be nice if just turned over to face upwards so could see face haha. It doesn't seem to have moved since 12 weeks scan 🙈 

    I've googled stuff but it's all how to get baby not to be breach rather than to turn over.

    Is anyone having backache? For the last 3 or 4 days I've been getting backache in lower back and in my left hip now and again like dull aching. Do you think I should be concerned or is this normal? Xx
  • I get pain like that after sitting down doe a while only kn my right side and kind of limp for a few mins till I can walk properly again 
  • Morning everyone.

    Thought id come on and say hello and see how everyone is as its gone very quiet.

    For people getting new prams, which prams are people thinking of having or have brought. Im so torn ! Xx
  • Evening now haha

    @Stokiejodie Yes it has gone quiet the past few days. I had a couple of grim, sickly days last week then having a lot of round ligament pain...probably overdoing it again 🙄 Having a lot of hip pain at night & that's with a pregnancy pillow 😞

    As for prams, we got given a silver cross pioneer in navy blue from my OH family & it looks amazing 😁 Can't wait to try it out...or at least attach the seat & carrycot parts to the frame 😍 Before that I'd been looking at an Ickle Bubba travel system 👍
  • Hi ladies  I have a silver cross pioneer which I had from my son so re using  that I loved it before hope your all well really struggling with heart  burn last few days 
  • @BexF90 the last week I've had really bad backache and hip pain. Last night I just couldn't get comfy at all. The hip pain is like a strong aching inside my hip not the outside if that makes sense ? 

    Before shops opened i was looking at the ickle bubba stomp v4 as I loved the woodland Green and bronze colours together plus the price was really good for everything. 

    The first shop I went to they only had the v3 in full black so couldn't really look at it properly despite them saying they only difference is the colour and the material is thicker on the v4 hoods. But because I didnt like the all black we saw the vennici tinum and liked that better. 

    So last weekend we managed to find a shop which had the v4 in the correct colours plus the venicci in to compare. Only problem was the man pretty much ignored the v4 and focused on trying sell the venicci. He said the v4 would be lower end and venicci would be mid to high end (including price being more) 

    The venicci does seem better quality, for example the carry cot has a proper mattress not just thin foam pad and you can unzip the hood and extend them right down on carry cot and the normal seat. Also at the back of the carrycot and normal seat you can lift up the material at the back for extra ventilation when its hot and stuff like that. Only problem is that the basket is very small on it and the break isn't a bar break its just a tiny peddle in the middle so I struggle to find it id have keep looking to put it on. Also on the v4 when you fold it down it locks down and doesnt reopen unless you unclip it which the venicci doesn't do. The v4 basket is alot bigger and easier to access.

    @Sj83 I've been getting heartburn for about a week or 2 now. It seems to died down last day or two but other days been really bad and had to have Rennies. Ironically I've found when I've had spicy food I don't get it but then when I've had something normal/plain or just even water it sets it off 🙈😒🤣🤣 xx

  • This is the venicci and ickle bubba xx
  • Morning @Stokiejodie,
    Hope baby spins around in time for your 4d scan and hope the back ache goes for you soon. 
    I've actually been partially signed off work as a result of my back pain. Had a teary conversation with my doctor a couple of weeks ago. I was given a number to self refer to physio and their reply was that they are not making face to face appointments at the moment. I broke down to my GP but I don't want to be signed off altogether as being immobile and not working would do more harm than good mentally for me. 
    It has worked out really well - I am in the building one full day per week and working from home the other four (planning, recording lessons and marking). I think it's working really well. I feel a little guilty on my students but as it is me still "teaching" but just via video link, I'm hoping students and parents will help me out a little.

    We bought our pram earlier this week, it hasn't arrived yet but we've got a Joie Versatrex in Laurel Green from one of the Emma's Diary offers! Very excited. I went to mamas and papas for baby bedding last Friday (sloooooowly 🤣) and they had the pram i was looking at so even got a chance to have a little push. Loved it.

    Good luck pram hunting!!!
  • Morning all. Seems like back pain is getting us all. Mine is absolutely killing me. Iv been risk assessed again at work and now I can’t do any patient handling or pushing beds. Im looking into booking in for a pregnancy massage with a local physio. The only comfy position I seem to be in is on all fours as it takes the pressure off. I seem to be walking in an odd way and my centre of gravity is off completely so often stumble. I just want to curl up in a ball and stretch it out but can’t 😖

    @Stokiejodie both prams are nice. I would have to go with the one that’s more suitable for all terrain for the dog, also something light and easy to food as im a c-section, so would base it on what will suit your needs better. We are having the bugaboo fox2 but I’m fussy so want the black chassis not aluminium and the grey fabric as I hate it when the frames get scratched and aluminium does that more easily. 
  • They both look lovely @Stokiejodie think my fav is the green one though I love the green and brown together @Jobomaphoy I'm sure the kids manage one of my daughters teachers shes doing her classes on video link as well cos being pregnant 
  • @Jobomaphoy I hope he or she turns over too. I've got another appointment at pre term clinic next week so will see if it has or not. Personally I dont think its budged though. Got 4 weeks so best hurry up so I dont waste money haha.

    Glad work have been understanding with you. Im finally having my pregnancy risk assessment on Thursday, 10 weeks after telling work I am pregnant 😒 ive also got to sort out my maternity pay by end of next week.

    @MrsH02 the shoe we went had a little cobbled test ramp and curb you could test them out on. They both felt same weight to me despite the man saying the venicci is lighter and steers better but I've never pushed a pram so couldn't tell the difference. The wheels on the ickle bubba look like be better "off road" but when touch them the back ones were quite soft rather than hard despite not being air tyres. On the venicci one you can't really tell on the photo but the chassis is chrome but like a dark/black almost chrome which looks really classy and different which we loved.

    @Sj83 before shops opened I fell in love with the ickle bubba woodland Green and bronze and had my heart set on it. However now I think we will end up going for the venicci only because I think baby will be more comfortable in it and protected from sun/wind with extendable hood and extra ventilation xx
  • Hi ladies. Things have been crazy around here as usual. Finally not nauseous anymore and was able to wean off the unisom (used for nausea) around 22w! That’s good news, but my hips and lower back have been bothering me a bit since then. I visited the chiropractor last week and that really seemed to help out my back a lot, so I’m hoping I can keep my back happy. This is baby #3 and never had back issues

    sorry to hear about all the discomforts, I’ve had to deal with all of them at one time or another. Hope you all are able to find some relief. 

    I’m about to be 25w and it definitely went by very slowly with all the sickness, but hard to believe I only have about 15w to go. I need to figure out what I’m doing about making a baby blanket for this baby 😅

    found out my sister is throwing a baby shower for me, so having a hard tile finding item for my registry since I already have two kids and all the cloth diapers and wipes I need 😋
  • Ahh that's lovely something to look foward to a baby shower @KristinO1987 :) I've never had one my mum is excited though about another grandchild she rang me yesterday saying about the little collection of baby essentials shes putting together for me 💙 
  • Aww that’s lovely @Sj83 I don’t think I’ve ever seen my mom excited about anything 😒 I’m kinda surprised about the shower since usually they only do it for the first baby, but I’ll take it! Idc about the presents, I just want to see everyone I haven’t seen in years 😍
  • It will be lovely @KristinO1987 like you said just for a nice get together 
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