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  • Ahhh glad your scans went well @MrsH02 and @Sj83 !!!
    Mine went well too. I had to roll around on to my side too as he weren't up for showing anything off... 

    I was gutted she didn't give me a printout of all the details like they normally do.. head circumference, femur length etc. I like looking at all the numbers with a brew haha but she said they were in the process of swapping over to a fancy new app to get rid of all hand held notes so that's exciting! I probably won't get to experience the app though haha definitely our last baby!

    How are you @Stokiejodie ?
  • Glad yours went well as well @Jobomaphoy :) has anyone got any names now you know gender know 
  • @Sj83 we have decided on the name Alexander. We can’t actually agree on anything else and this has stuck. His middle name will be James so I’m sure we will refer to him as AJ. I do love traditional names! Although I also like really out there names too 😂😂
  • Alexander is lovely AJ is a cool teenager name too :) 
  • So glad everyone’s scans are going well. Can’t wait to hear the gender @Sj83

    I like Alexander James @MrsH02

    anyine else have names picked out? We are narrowed down to a a couple of my favorites, but I suppose that could change! Right now we are between Jade and Autumn. I was thinking Stephanie for middle name (it’s my middle name), but not set of that either 
  • @KristinO1987 one of the girls at work has an Autumn and she is a real cutie, I really like it!! James was my grandads middle name and I think it goes really well so that’s where that came from. My daughter has my name as her middle name as my son has his dads. I hate my middle name (it’s Clare) sorry if any clares out there but I just don’t like it so that’s why we went with our first names as middle names back then. My other half’s name is Greek and 9 letters long so to add it to Alexander would be a bit much for the poor boy 😂😂
  • Oh I love the name autumn but I already have a summer so then I d feel like my other daugher should have a season name aswell lol my middle name is jane sarah jane typical 80s name lol 
  • Aww I like the name Alexander too & Autumn is really nice for a girl 😍 We're definitely going with James for a middle name as my Dad & my OH grandad were called that. Might put Thomas in there too 🤔 I love the name Oliver & Oliver James has a ring to it 💙
  • Sounds lovely @bexf90 my son has my oh name as a middle name his kane paul  my girls have grandparents names for middle names I think it's going to take us a while to decide lol 
  • It's a  boy 😍😍💙💙so so happy over the moon xx
  • Yeeeey!! 🎉🎉👶💙 @Sj83 was just thinking about you & your gender reveal. Congratulations on your baby boy 💙 How did the other kids take it? Are they excited? 
  • Amazing news @Sj83 💙💙
  • @Sj83 so happy for you!!! 💙💙💙💙💙💙
  • Thank you so happy I felt boy all along 💙💙 kids were so excited they was hoping for a brother xx
  • MrsH02 said:

    ❤💙  cant belive were half way along now so exciting xx 
  • Ahhhh @Sj83 that is so lovely! Delighted for you!!!!! 

  • Did anyone get a matb1 form at their 20 week scan? I know this happened with my little girl but not sure if it has all changed. I have to inform school formally 'no later than 15 weeks before the expected week of birth' and I think I need the matb1 form to do so... just had a realisation that 15 weeks before my due date is actually in 3 weeks time ish! Haha
  • Hi lovelies.

    Hope you are all well.

    I'm finally back home and resting after another 2 weeks on antibiotics at hospital.

    I went for pre term birth clinic scan and 20 week scan whilst in hospital last week which was a huge waste of time 😒 they couldn't measure my cervix for the pre term birth part as they couldn't find it, and couldn't do all the checks on baby for 20 week scan as picture wasn't clear enough they said this is due to scar tissue from operations ive had getting in the way and also baby was breech flexed (bum down with knees up to chest) got to go back next Tuesday to hopefully have more luck and be able see everything clear. He said he didn't see anything concerning but disnt see everything 100% so wants to try again xx

    Congratulations @Sj83 on a little boy.  Xx
  • @Jobomaphoy I think midwife gives you that at 25 week appointment but my appointment for that is a week after I have to tell work what I've decided so might just call midwife to get it earlier xx
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