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  • @B.leif @*sunshine* hey girlie little update baby is all well and good 😊 so relieved I’m 13 weeks so 3 days a head of original Due Date was cheeky and kept wriggling around head beat was so strong they was very happy with the outcome 👏🏻 Hopefully yours will be also good 
  • @*sunshine* Its such a difficult situation isn’t it. I’ve also decided to get the vaccine when I’m 14 weeks, after reading into it I think it’s the best decision for me and my baby. 💕

    @Nelly123So happy to hear baby was healthy and you got to see and hear the heart beat 💗 It starts feeling a lot more real and exciting after the 12 week scan doesn’t it. The weeks will start flying by!
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    Hi everyone, I hope you're all doing well. I'm currently 10+6 going off my LMP, however I did ovulate earlier than usual. I’m just waiting to hear from the hospital when my dating scan will be now. 
  • @B.leif I know my son is over the moon we didn’t think he would be bothered but so far he’s been my body guard☺️ Still feels crazy keep looking at the picture like oh u are real and are in there ☺️ Looking forward to your updates now 👏🏻👏🏻🤞🏻 I have fingers and toes crossed for you 
  • Great news @Nelly123! I had my scan today and all good. 13 weeks tomorrow! Midwife encouraged and supported me having covid vaccine so now having first dose tomorrow! 
  • @*sunshine* yay, so good to hear! You’re both getting me excited for my scan now! 
    I’ve just booked my vaccine in for a few days after my scan too. 
  • The top pic is my little girl and bottom pic is baby no 2.  Just for fun, any guesses on gender? I’m feeling it’s a girl 
  • @*sunshine* I’m terrible at guessing these but I’d say looks more girly. Such a clear scan photo too! 
  • @*sunshine* ooooo I reckon a girly too that is a clear pic..

     @B.leif How long till your scan.? I’ve booked a private scan for when I’m 16 weeks jus so my son can come and see the baby.. ☺️
  • Hehe, everyone else I’ve asked says boy 😂 I have no clue, I can’t even see a nub! The only thing I did notice is the skulls looks a bit different? My little girls is a bit rounder? Not sure that means anything though haha 
  • Oh and I had my vaccine yesterday, other than feeling a bit run down and tired with a sore arm, it’s not been too bad 🤞🏻
  • @Nelly123 I’ve got my scan on the 10th so a week tomorrow. Just hoping it doesn’t drag till then! Aw that will be a lovely memory, I bet he’s so excited to be a big brother! 

    @*sunshine* Thats the reason I guessed girl because I couldn’t make out a nub 😂 Glad you’re feeling okay after your vaccine too! 
  • Not too long to wait now @B.leif ☺️

    I had my screening results yday by letter and all low risk although not as low risk as with my first I noticed, maybe because I’m older? 

    Got a family gathering later so planning an announcement with my toddler sporting a little ‘I’m going to be a big sister’ T-shirt! Hehe
  • @*sunshine* I know! I’m going to have a busy day with my daughter tomorrow so that I don’t have as much time to get nervous 😂 Aw that’s sounds lovely 🥰 its so nice when you can start telling people.

    I know it’s still a few weeks off but I was wondering if either of you are planning to find out the gender and did you with your firsts? I waited till birth with my daughter and it was so much fun we’ve agreed to do it again this time! It’ll be so exciting to see what we’re all having 💖💙 @Nelly123
  • @B.leif We are going to find out as I’d like to prepare my daughter as much as I can.  Plus I’d like to know if we need to buy some boy things or get all the girl stuff back out the loft ☺️  I don’t think I’ll have an early scan though, just wait until 20 week nhs scan to find out 
  • Hi just updating, I had my scan this morning! Im Feeling so happy and relieved baby is looking all good and healthy 💕 I’m 14 weeks today so a little further than I thought. 
  •  Awww @B.leif I did find out with my son I wanted to be organised and I had so much stuff brought for me before we actually new that when we knew I had clothes with tags on not used that he had grown out of… yea we find out the 23rd august I booked a private scan jus so I can organise abit better this time 😂 and so my son can see baby and kinda get him involved.. awww yay 14 weeks ahead glad all is well with bubs👏🏻
  • Yay @B.leif It’s always nice to be put ahead!  How is everyone feeling? X
  • @Nelly123 Aw not long till your scan now then! I’m tempted to book my own private one as 6 weeks feels so far away 😂 

    @*sunshine* I’m feeling good! I had my vaccine yesterday and we’re planning to tell everyone in the next couple of weeks probably. How’re you feeling? 
  • Yea, good thanks @B.leif, I can actually eat big meals again which is nice!!  Feeling much better ☺️

    I have my 16 week midwife app on Friday so I’m hoping to hear the heartbeat and perhaps that will keep me going until 20 week scan 🤞🏻 I remember this bit of the pregnancy with my first, it’s strange as you don’t really feel or look pregnant 🤣

    I still haven’t told my work yet. I’m not sure when to! 
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