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  • @Ami612, hello, fellow February mummy! I'm due around the 25th (our first, too!), but I have a hunch he'll be here a bit earlier..! He's very active, and now he's hit my ribcage he's growing out rather than up - I empathise with the feeling of being oh so uncomfortable 😅

    I think the nerves are totally natural. Have I got everything? Will I do it right? Will everything be OK?

    My mum said to me, as long as you're there for baby it doesn't matter if you don't have the latest baby tech, or hand me down clothes. Baby will remember you being there for them and that's what matters. That reassured me a little 😊

    Late congratulations on your soon to be bundle! I bet you're excited, too ❤️

  • For anyone who may be interested ❤️
    Sorry for the poor quality but please do not hesitate to email me at [email protected] for more infomation
  • Any more news @B.leif?

    My OC medication seems to be working as my bile acid and liver function levels have decreased - yay! So baby stays in for now … will be tested again Tuesday (I’ll be 38+2) and also having a sweep to try and get things going otherwise induction at 39+1 eek!
  • @*sunshine* That’s great to hear! Definitely not long till your baby will be here either way ❤️

    I had an appointment today and had to choose between a C-section or induction. Unfortunately it’s not looking like I’m going to get the natural birth I wanted again but at least I’m doing what they think is best for baby. I’ve chose to get an induction so they’ve booked me in but I’ve been told to start expressing and I can ask for a sweep at my next appointment to try and get things going on there own 🤞 so fingers crossed our sweeps work for both of us!

    @Ami612 Welcome and Congratulations on your pregnancy! 
  • @B.leif I’ve been expressing for 5 days now and collected lots of colostrum in the freezer! I’ve also been bouncing on my ball and eating dates! I just don’t feel like my bump has dropped yet though or that baby’s arrival is imminent. I really hope the sweep gets things going next week but I have a feeling I’m going to have to be induced the week after 😏
  • Hi ladies can I join you, albeit late. 3rd time mum, due 17th Feb so 36+3 today. Had some head fitting pains last couple of nights but nothing else. It has been a long time since I posted on here. We had two years of unexplained infertility before this little one decided to bless us. Really excited to meet this baby. 
  • @FlossyLZ Congratulations on your pregnancy! Do you know what you’re having? I bet your other kids are excited too! 

    I had a sweep today! Hoping it gets things going but it’s still only early really. I can’t believe we’re coming to the end of January already ❤️ It feels like I’ve only just got my positive test. 

    @*sunshine* What are you collecting your colostrum in? I was given the syringes by my doctor but she only gave me three so I’ve done one a night. I want to do more but not sure where you get them from or have you been just doing them in a little pot or something? 
  • @B.leif Ooh how was the sweep? I have one today! 

    I’ve been using syringes from the midwife but also only had 3 so bought a pack off Amazon. I’ve run out again now though so will ask for more today or order some more!
  • Welcome @FlossyLZ! Congrats on your third pregnancy, how exciting 😊
  • @B.leif hey girls sorry been so quiet past few months jus been super busy prepping for little man finally packed up work 🙌🏻 Jus read all your comments and catched up can’t believe our bubs are guna be here very soon.. it’s flown by I’ve had dramas with baby my self little rascal decided 2 weeks ago to turn and become a thing called oblique transverse got fundal measured and he’s apparently a big baby 🤦‍♀️ He’s jump over the percentile chart in my book so now under a consultant had a scan 2 weeks ago he was measuring 7lb 5oz got one tomorrow 26/1 to see if he’s grown much since my last app and if he has then time to get ball rolling to get him out as I’m so petite 🤦‍♀️😩 I could of literally cried… but on the plus side we get to meet him sooner 🤞🏻 I’ll be checking up on here a lot over next few days can’t wait  to hear back xx 
  • @*sunshine* unfortunately my sweep didn’t work I just lost some of my mucus plug! How did your sweep go? I have another one today so hoping this one works 🤞. Thanks I ordered some, I didn’t even think to look on there! 

    @Nelly123 Sounds like we’re in a similar position with our big babies! How did your scan go? Are they planning to get baby out early? 

    I can’t believe its February on Tuesday! Hope everyone’s doing well and getting ready to meet their little one 🥰
  • @B.leif We’ll he’s currently measuring 8lb 11 😂🤦‍♀️ He’s all good jus a big baby I’ve had a sweep done yesterday and got another one booked for Saturday morning been so uncomfortable since don’t think baby appreciated it much either 😂 I’ve been booked in for a induction for labour on the 5th feb 2 days after due date.. but consultant mentioned some thing called shoulder dystopia and cutting me which not going to lie I’m slightly freaked out over so think I’ll be mentioning a c section to them when I go there cause the thought of that makes my heart sink on my poor boy…  I’ve been walking round the park with my other half and son think I lost my mucus plug also… let me know how urs went x 
  • @B.leif and @Nelly123 My sweep was successful… went into early labour Tuesday evening and Oscar was born yesterday at 38+3 weighing a very healthy 8lbs 3oz. Labour was long and horrific as the not so little baby turned out to be back to back with a huge head (37cm) but the most important thing is he’s here safe and sound. We were discharged today so time to start our adventures as a family of 4 💙
  • @*sunshine* oh congratulations girly 👏🏻 Love the weight  I’m currently laying here thinking about what’s to come 😂🤦‍♀️ Hopefully it goes straight forward nice to hear we are all slowly meeting our bubs 😍
  • @*sunshine* Oh wow congratulations! I had a feeling you’d have a January baby 💙 Glad to hear you’re both doing well and I love his name. Enjoy them newborn snuggles 🥰 
  • B.leifB.leif Regular
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    @Nelly123 🤞 fingers crossed our sweeps work too! I’ve had my second one yesterday but nothing so far and I’ve got a third one booked for Monday. I just want baby here before my induction date 😂. 

    They also mentioned shoulder dystocia and nerve damage to me which has got me nervous too… hoping my scan is a bit off and baby actually isn’t as big as they think… it’s all starting to feel real now though. They said if my induction doesn’t work after 4 days I’ll have a C-section, which means only 9 days at most till I’ll meet my baby! ❤️
  • @B.leif Oh I hope so girl… something feels different this morning so hoping somethings going on lol I’m hoping too it happens before then has the thought of being sat in hospital for a few days drains me 😂 oh let’s hope ours boys don’t give us jip and we can have good birth stories at the end x 
  • Congratulations Sunshine!

    This talk of early February babies is making me impatient 😅 our little one isn't due until the 25th! Can't wait to keep reading everyone's birth stories 💕 guessing I'll be last! Our last growth scan is on Tuesday. Let's see how much weight he's put on this time round 😊

    What does a sweep and stretch entail exactly? Sounds uncomfortable 😳
  • @ThePregnantProofreader hey oooo not long it will be here before u know it… ☺️ Ooo we thought the same and was still shocked at how much our little man weighed lol but it’s only estimated so hopefully not as much as they say he has lol sweep and stretch is basically midwife stretching around the base of your cervix to get it to
    thin out and stretch ready for dilation they can feel baby’s head also and they can tell
    how far down baby is… it is uncomfortable for some people but it doesn’t hurt and it’s over and done with before u know it…! 
  • Thanks everyone! Currently in that newborn cluster feed stage waiting for milk to fully come in.  Forgot how exhausting it is! I’ve been feeding for 6 hours straight so far 😅 Oscar will not be put down so that means no sleep for me 😴
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