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  • @Nelly123 can you tell it's my first lol 😂 I still don't know what anything means! I'm so uncomfortable now so I hope it doesn't come to that - I've had this hunch throughout that he'll be a bit early so we'll see 😅

    @*Sunshine* I've just noticed the time you posted this! When will you sleep? 
  • @ThePregnantProofreader ☺️ Nothing wrong with that Hun it’s all new if ur not sure jus ask the questions… that was me with my first apart from I googled everything 😂🤦‍♀️ I went for my second sweep this morning and I’m 3cm dilated 🙌🏻 No contractions tho jus waiting now to go into labour fully… I’ve been walking round the park and doing my shopping as usual ☺️ 
  • @*sunshine* oh I can’t wait for that! But I know how exhausting it is. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself. I’m trying to get as much sleep in as I can because I know what’s to come 😂 

    @Nelly123 3cm! How exciting! It could be any second now then 🤞 unfortunately no new updates from me yet. Still hoping to go naturally before my induction or for my sweep on Monday to work 🤞🤞🤞
  • @ThePregnantProofreader haha well you don’t really! You’re meant to sleep when baby sleeps but at night he won’t be put down and I’m not happy to co sleep.  I’ve grabbed a couple of 2 hour naps where I can today. Thankfully my husband has 2 weeks off and is doing a wonderful job of caring for our toddler while I am a milk machine! 

    @Nelly123 3cm is fab! I was 2-3 when I went for mine. I really hope the sweep kicks things off for you. I started cramping that night then lost my plug the next morning. At least you know you’re on the way now and you could just have your waters broken rather than need any other induction method. 

    @b@"B.leif" are you hand expressing? I think that helped get my body geared up.
  • @B.leif I was shocked when she told me I was thinking nothing or at least 1cm but no 3cm and it’s promising… ooo fingers crossed let us know how it goes Monday.? 

    I’ve been having this brownish show since my first sweep and she said it’s sounds like a bloody show/mucus plug that’s come away and got some more again tonight keep needing the toilet tonight where he’s pushing down so much x 
  • Reading all these comments have me so excited for everyone, I'm all giddy! I check to see if he's dropping every morning but not yet. I read first babies can drop earlier so I'm keeping an eye 😅 I'm so uncomfortable.

    When is the last growth spurt babies have in there? There can't be much room left in there now! 
  • @*sunshine* I’m expressing about 3 syringes every evening but might start doing some in the day too to see if that helps🤞

    @Nelly123 That’s so exciting! I have a feeling I’m going to come on here in the next day or two and see you announcing that your little one has arrived 💙 I was only 1.5cm dilated at my sweep but my cervix is thin and soft apparently so I just need the dilation to start now! 

    @ThePregnantProofreader I didn’t drop with my first till I was already in labour so be prepared for no signs and then suddenly just go into labour too! Babies can be unpredictable 😂 I don’t even want to know when the last growth spurt is… my baby was big enough at 36 weeks I hope they’re not much bigger 🙈

    All of you talking about your little boys has got me even more excited to find out what I’m having 💙💖
  • @B.leif I hope so too I don’t wanna be induced 😂 my other half
    is convinced it’s when he’s at work which I hope not cause he works nights 😂🤦‍♀️ But we will soon see  we been going for walks with our son round our local park so im
    hoping it does the trick  
  • @Nelly123 you don’t really need inducing, it would just be breaking of waters to kick things off as you’re already past 2-3cm dilated.  It sounds like your body is clearing out so very hopeful for you that labour will start soon 🤞🏻

    @B.leif do you have a ball to bounce on? Might just help move baby down and progress dilation. 

    @t@ThePregnantProofreader I didn’t drop with this baby, the night before labour started I was comparing bump photos from the week before and there had been no change! For me the main signs were needing the loo a lot the day before and period like aches low down and in my back. 
  • @*sunshine* I did think think this myself so fingers crossed 🤞🏻☺️
  • Well ladies looks like I've jinxed myself somewhat - my waters broke this morning and now I'm laid in hospital waiting on all sorts of results and what to do next! I'm 36+3 today so, yeah 😳 no labour signs as of yet but nothing will surprise me now! 

    I hope all is well with you all 😊
  • Wow! @ThePregnantProofreader hope you are doing well ❤️ Sounds like baby will be here in the next day or two then? I’m sure after 34 weeks they don’t try and stop baby coming but I Could be wrong! 36 weeks is on the early side but most babies are fine at that time so don’t be worrying. Hope everything goes smoothly for you and I’ll be thinking of you 🥰

    Had my third sweep today (hopefully third time lucky 🤞) I’m still only 1.5cm but we will see what happens... I’m bouncing on my ball and expressing and all the other old wives tales so hoping anything helps 😂.

    Well it’s looking like I’ll be one of the last ones to have my baby at this rate! I cant wait to see more announcements though ❤️ And unless baby wants to come in the next 5 hours I’m definitely having a February baby 🥰
  • Nelly123Nelly123 Regular
    edited Jan 31, 2022 7:01PM
    @B.leif Ur not alone girly I’ve still
    nothing this end lol apart from this mucus stuff and a really
    achy back got all the family member  Calling any signs yet I’m like no. Can see me going to Saturday and getting the ball rolling that way ☺️ 

    @ThePregnantProofreader wow girl hope all is ok.? 
  • @B.leif
    I'm feeling alright. Just twiddling my thumbs and missing my partner terribly!

    Baby is still kickboxing away in there and still no signs of labour. A twinge here and there but nothing noteworthy.

    I'll know more tomorrow - was meant to have a growth scan and birth plan appointment with my obstetrician 😅 at least it's in the same hospital! They're talking about induction if my body doesn't pull out it's proverbial finger and start labour naturally. We're just waiting on blood results - if there's any sign of an infection they'll probably induce sooner rather than later. Eek 😬 they preferably want to wait until Friday as that's my 37 week mark..! 

    This thread is turning rather dramatic now! All these new adventures starting - it's so exciting ❤️

  • Oh wow @ThePregnantProofreader! I hope you’re ok. My first baby was born at 35+5, she did have a stay in NICU but is absolutely fine now. Your baby is further along and may not need any further support - most don’t at this stage. It’s so hard being in hospital on your own. Keep us updated x

    @B.leif Hope that third sweep gets things going 🤞🏻

    I’m expecting baby news from you all very soon now 🥰
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    @*Sunshine* I'm really hoping we can just go home. He seems wriggly and all was well on the scan yesterday - perfect blood flow, very active - I had all the learners yesterday - a student midwife and a trainee sonographer! I'll know more today after the doctor's round. Thank you for the reassurance - it really means a lot 💜

    Worst night's sleep ever too ugh 😴
    Unfamiliar setting, on my own with my mind racing and feeling out for every possible contraction is not conducive to a good night's sleep 😅 also my body is still pumping out amniotic fluid every few hours so yay me!

    I hope everyone is well on this new month morning 💜
  • @ThePregnantProofreader That’s one of the reasons I’m not looking forward to my induction! My hospital has said birthing partners are only allowed in when you’re in active labour so I’m scared to have to go through the induction process and stay in hospital alone 😬. 
    Glad to hear baby is doing well on your scan! Hopefully you can go home till Friday if everything is looking good then, I’m sure the waiting round in hospital is not fun! 
  • No new updates with me unfortunately, I was kind of hoping for an 2/2/22 birthday 😂 Hows everyone else getting on? I’ve spent the day cleaning my whole house and cuddling my daughter and trying to prepare for my induction tomorrow. I’m dreading having to leave her, I hope I’m not in hospital for long ❤️

    Hope you and your babies are all doing well! 
  • @B.leif Same here girly think bubs way to comfy in there just been getting
    pressure but nothing major I’ve  been doing more unless the same making sure washings done and house Tidy but like you I’m dreading having to leave my son but he’s staying with my mum the weekend I know he be ok he’s super excited lol hopefully I’m in and out quick 🤞🏻 
  • Come on babies! @B.leif I hope induction goes well, are they starting you on the balloon or pessary? I really hope it isn’t a long process for you - keep us updated x
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