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  • Lovely scan happy happy..  I had the tests too.. they take up to 14days to come back if its all fine.. so you will be able to tell them all on Christmas hopefully 

  • fab scans ladies. Glad all went ok! I had the tests too & took 4 nurses to try get blood from me, my dodgy veins! Hoping the results are back before xmas so fingers crossed.

    Remind me who is left for scans? I remember Hopefully is.. anyone else? Cant believe you have your gender scan coming up so soon Georgia, ive never had a private scan so cant advise im afraid! xx

  • I booked a private one from 16weeks.. to know before Christmas..  let's hope baby plays ball as my 12week scan baby was not in the right position 

  • Congrats happy.

    you know when mine is as I haven’t shut up all week lol sorry everyone xx

    jem90 is tomorrow 

  • haha hopefully i was the same - dont worry we are all super excited for our scans! Ill be the same when i get the date for my 20 week scan lol.

    Im super excited to tell all my family on Saturday and hubbys family on sunday. Our parents and siblings already know but we are telling extended family, our grandparents, our aunties and cousins etc. Everyone will be so happy for us! (i hope!) xx

  • We've got a private gender scan on Tuesday .. very excited !!! Everyone thinks I'm having a girl but who knows !!?! Have used my fetal  doppler a few times and it's lovely to hear ... but midwife told me today that they really advise against using them ... I'll probably still do the odd sneaky one though!!

  • I'm still left to have mine nic, mines Monday when il be 13+3. Glad all is well with your scans ladies, beautiful photos xxx 

  • Hi Nic, mine is tomorrow, not until 3pm so it’s going to be a long day! So nervous and excited! 

  • Does anyone else keep waking really early? I feel like a have a night of very strange dreams then am awake from about 5am 😴

  • Morning jem good luck for today xx i have weird dreams wake up every morning at 3am for a wee takes me ages to get back to sleep xxxx

  • I'm exactly the same jem, but Ive struggled with my sleep for the last 10 years so wasn't sure if it was just getting worse or if it was pregnancy related. Good luck for your scan today, I've got mine later this afternoon too, let's hope time goes quickly 

  • Good luck to the girls who have their scans today! Looking forward to seeing your little bubbas ☺️💖

  • Does anyone know what hand foot and mouth ulcers look like?

    I have one ulcer in my mouth which looks like a normal ulcer but i know that's what HFM looks like too.. I think if i had HFM I would have more then one ulcer by now.

  • good luck linzieb xx

  • I wasn’t too bothered but my OH really wants us to know what gender we’re having so we’ve got an early gender scan on 29th Dec! 😁  they do it from 15 weeks and I’ll be 15+2. 

  • We was going to get an early gender scan but we decided to get a 3D one instead but I really wanna know before 🙈😂 

  • Loza.. they can sometimes tell you free of charge at a 3D scan the gender depends where you go

  • Oh didn’t know that. I think we just gunna save money for a 3D one 😊

  • Thank you hopefully.

    Georgia my little boy had hand, foot and mouth a couple of weeks ago and his started with a rash and a few spots on his shins, thought it was chicken pox at first. then the blisters started on his feet then hands before getting any around his mouth. He also had a high temperature and a chesty cough  Was horrible 

  • Thanks Hopefully, Linzie and Loza, will post a pic later 😊

    Not much longer for you to wait Hopefully, what time is your scan tomorrow? Xx

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