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  • I have for ages now Georgia xx

  • I am debating whether to get one or not. I go to sleep for like 2 hours and then move because I am uncomfy and when i turn i feel like i have pulled a muscle where I am so uncomfy 

  • I’ve found in the last week or so I’ve been getting little cramps/twinges for things like a big wee or if I move suddenly, my abdominal muscles ache a little, like ive been to the gym. Logically it all makes sense with what must be happening so I’m not too worried. 

  • Happyhappy- that's exactly how I feel 

  • Hope it goes well this morning Hopefully! 

  • Thanks jem90. I’m so scared I’m going to let everyone down again. 😥

  • Hope all goes well today hopefully. let us know how you get on!

    Loza - how did you get on with the consultant? xx

  • Feeling a bit better for the break from work,  sleeping better and got energy to do stuff in the house.  

    Just weighed myself & I've still not put eight on, the 1 or 2lb I did put on have come off again.  I'm not too worried at 16 weeks and I'm overweight to start with but it's weird when my belly is bigger!

  • Onlyme im the same, I’ve tried to eat healthy(ish) but it is hard this time of year but I haven’t really put any weight on, yet my stomach seems huge! If I wasn’t already overweight I think id find the pregnancy hard to hide but instead I probably look like I’ve had way too many mince pies already 😂

  • Hopefully - really hoping everything is going well, but if something awful had happened you wouldn’t be letting anyone down, it’s NOT your fault if there is something wrong with the baby any more than it’s anyone elses fault xxx

  • Lol happy happy so true.  

    Hopefully , best of luck and nothing is your fault !!! Xxxx 

  • She just spoke to me about my bloods and that.. it was okay actually! Quite understabding.

    been worrying a lot this morning and a tiny tiny bit of brown blood in my discharge and a few cramps this morning I’m really worried is this normal? 

  • imageOur little baby is doing well couldn’t get a dating scan so got to go back at 16 weeks, least hubby can come with us. I’m so emotional right now xx

  • Oh hopefully, I'm so happy for you 😊 least you haven't got long to wait until you get to see your little one again and it'll be lovely that your husband can make it with you too x 

  • Lovely scan photos hopefully! Glad everything is okay xxx

  • Aww Hopefully what a beautiful bubba! You must feel so relieved 😊 I’m so pleased for you xx

    Loza maybe give the midwife a call and see what they say? I would say as it’s brown and tiny bit it’s probably nothing to worry about x

  • Lovely pic Hopefully, so pleased you get to take your hubby next time too.

    Loza how painful are the cramps? Are they the usual niggling crampy/stretchy/twinges or do they feel different? Try not to panic too much and like Jem said try asking your midwife for advice! x

  • imageHey ladies here’s my dating scan from Monday measuring ahead slightly so due 19th June rather than 21st/22nd as last 2 scans measured. So 13+2 today still feeling quite nauseas not as sick as I was but still have bouts of it. Anyone else still sick? xxx

  • lovely pics Gracesmum! I’m still nauseas (12+3) though it doesn’t seem quite as bad as before, still pretty constant though! Xx

  • Lovely scans ladies 💕 gracesmum im still nauseous, I was actually sick on Wednesday, I’m 13+1 today. 

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