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Due in March 2020

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Hello and huge congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm @DanielleMFM and it's lovely to see you here. 

Welcome to Due in March 2020! If you'd like to join this thread and meet others who are also due this month, please do post and introduce yourself.

Start as many threads as you like here in your Due in March 2020 category from due dates to scan dates to baby names, or symptoms, whatever you want to chat about, go for it! 

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  • good morning ladies, thought it would be nice to have an introduction post as will all be sharing this journey together. 

    Im Dani, I’m 30 from the UK and this is baby number 3 for us (last one). I have an almost 9 year old autistic son and a 5 year old daughter. I found out I’m pregnant last Friday and my due date is currently the 4th March 2020. Iv told my husband best friend and 1 of my sisters so far but going to try keep it a secret to everyone else till 12 weeks as I have had two previous mcs. My son will be very excited as he has been desperate for us to have a baby for a long time. Pregnancy is going well so far and I’m hoping for a similar pregnancy to my sons with no sickness and a smooth 9 months. 

    Looking forward to to sharing this journey with you all. X
  • Hello @*MrsS* thank you so much for kicking off our brand new birth club, and congratulations to you! 
  • Hi lady’s. I found out I was pregnant with baby number 5 on Monday the 24th. Baby would be due the 2nd of March. And my birthday is the 3rd 🙈. Iv only told my hubby so far as Iv has 2 previous mcs. So I’m worried now that it’s going to happens again. Could you all help me. I know you think I should be experienced at this having 4 baby’s but I’m not. Took a few tests and there faint positive. Took a CBD this morning and it’s saying 1/2 weeks. Is that right? There was no info in the box to read. Fist time using it. 

     I hope your all well 🥰🥰 xx
  • Hi @Mumto4babys welcome and huge congratulations to you. 
    Also tagging @jojo1982 so you find this thread  :)
  • Mummyto4babys. Is there a chance your urine was a little more diluted as that can effect on the test. I personally wouldn’t rely on it that much though. As long as all your signs are still there I think all is safe. Xx
  • Hello! I’m Lori, 37, from New York City...I’ve never done this before but it seems like a safe place to celebrate/ and or cry 🤗😭. Congratulations to you all! I never thought I would be in your group. I was losing hope after trying naturally for over 2 years... a third year of fertility (which my husband and I initially thought would be like going to the baby store and coming home with a guaranteed baby)... 3 failed IUIs... getting pregnant naturally on a fertility break... miscarrying at 8 weeks right after a weak heartbeat 😫😥... then a failed IVF cycle 😔 followed by what looks like a positive pregnancy from the second IVF transfer!! 🤗💕🌈 but of course... it’s hard to stay excited when you know and understand that pain of losing a pregnancy. Trying to keep the faith and believe this is the one! 🙏 Wishing you all the best of luck during your pregnancies and looking forward to riding this roller coaster with you! Thanks for creating this group! 
  • Hi Lori. I’m so sorry for all your losses and to hear of your struggle. Iv lost two before and it does make you panic up until the 12 weeks where you can relax a little. 
    Hopefully this little miracle baby is a sticky one for you both. Xxx
  • Thank you, *MrsS* ❤️ I’m also sorry for your losses!! I hope this one is also a perfectly healthy one for you as well!! 🤗 I guess we all have to take it day by day and hope for the best! I found out I was pregnant on the anniversary of the death of my mother June 25th... she passed at a young age of 49 so I’d like to believe she is watching over this one 💕 It must be so exciting to be able to announce a pregnancy to your other children! Looks like your son is going to get his wish *MrsS* ❤️❤️❤️
  • That is absolutely a sign in my eyes.

    thank you yes my boy is going to be mega excited when he finds out. I’m currently already having to hide my growing stomach. I’m very slim so there is nowhere to hide it, especially in this weather.  Just hope my daughter doesn’t pull a strop as she likes being the baby even though she is 5 haha.

    How have you you been feeling so far? Have you had many symptoms?  Iv been feeling absolutely fine so far, just slightly sore boobs and I can’t stop eating jacket potatoes. I’m on day number 8 in a row of having them haha. X
  • That’s so exciting!! And yes! I’m worried about the growing stomach thing as well! I’ve already been bloated on so many fertility meds and the egg retrieval and transfer... feeling like I haven’t been able to “suck in my stomach” since December of last year! I guess because of your previous pregnancies, your stomach grows quicker right? From what I know? Kids have a keen sense for picking up in things though I believe! I’m excited for you being able to share that news with them 🤗🤗

    I have sore boobs too... and lower back pain... and headaches in the worst way... not sure when other symptoms kick in but I’ll gladly take them after all the heartache. Jacket potatoes sound lovely 🤗 I’ve just been downing fresh squeezed orange juice and craving fruit which is odd bc I usually crave chocolate 🤣 
  • Yes I didn’t show until 14 weeks with my son. Then with my daughter I showed at 5 weeks. And I’m pretty much slightly showing now too. 

    I craved savoury foods foods with my son and lived off apples in the last trimester eating about 10 a day and was right off chocolate. With my daughter I was off coffee 3 dpo which made me realise I was prob pregnant. But I craved sweet and sugary stuff when carrying her. It’s funny how it’s so different each time. Xxx
  • Thanks Danielle 😁
    Wow Lori you've really been through it! Congrats though, I hope this is definitely the one for you. Do you know when you're due? 
    We tried for 10 years for our first and needed fertility treatment to conceive her. In fact we were planning to start treatment next month again and then got this complete surprise BFP before we managed to! But I'm super nervous to not have my amazing consultant to hold my hand through all of this! 
  • Hi all, Just got my bfp today. I'm due 7th March 2020. Been ttc for a year this time. I'm 40 and this is baby number 8. 7 daughters so far aged between 21 and 2. Very excited to be here. X
  • Welcome @Lbauer27 and huge congratulations to you! 
    We also wondered if while you're here, you might take a look at this thread about IVF?
    Hi @Victoriajayne we remember you from a few years ago! We're so glad to see you again! Congratulations. 
  • Thanks, Jojo!! That’s such a relief you got pregnant before going through all of that extra work! And wow 10 years! Must have felt like an eternity! So exciting and wishing you all the best with your little miracle ❤️ My due date is March 4th if all goes well! 

    Congrats, Victoria! So exciting!! 🌈☀️💕

    and will do, Danielle. And thank you! I never did a forum before. Sorry if I went off topic! 😉 I’ll check out that other page though as well. 
  • @DanielleMFM thank you of making me aware of that other thread! I didn’t see it and saw why you wanted me to check it out ❤️ Such a challenging process. Hope she doesn’t give up 🌈
  • Hi @Lbauer27 You can talk about anything and everything here - please don't worry at all about going off topic - no such thing! And thank you so much for taking the time to reply to that thread - we thought you'd be brilliant at replying and you were! 
  • I am currently 5 weeks pregnant today through IVF and my due date will be 2nd March 2020. Found out last Monday after positive blood test. Got my first scan on 15th July when I will be 7 weeks pregnant.
  • Hi @MrsS35 welcome and huge congratulations! Was this your first round? 
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    Congrats MrsS35! Lots of IVF experiences on here it seems :smiley:
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