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  • Benka96Benka96 Regular
    edited Apr 20, 2021 7:27PM
    Who else has started week 38 girls ??? I'm 37+2 today , and baby seems head down most of the time , but I still feel her going out of that position due to her kicking on the sides of my belly or really low down at times. :/// I've got midwife appointment tomorrow , but she will probably tell me she's head down and that there is no reason for concerns. But I'm worried as I feel her head on the side of my belly as its a really hard lump,  and then on the other side of belly is her bum and legs kicking me. It's like she's transverse which isn't really good at this point:/ 
  • @Benka96 my little one is head down but with bun curled to my right side, and feet to my left side. Are you sure baby isnt laid similar to this?xx
  • @Benka96  I had a midwife appointment yesterday and was told that baby was head down, I’ve been told this the last few times when I’ve been checked. I got admitted over to the hospital yesterday for a little while and again, three midwives told me that baby was head down. I’ve got a big bump up at my left ribs which I was told was baby’s bum/back. I had a growth scan when I was at the hospital - and believe it or not baby is in breech position, and where the midwives thought his bum/back was is actually his head (!) god knows what they were feeling 🤷🏻‍♀️😂. 
    I’m back to the hospital on Thursday for another growth scan and consultant appointment so will find out what’s happening then. They spoke about turning baby, but I think I’m still for a section. Will hopefully get my date when I’m there on Thursday 🤞🏼 - will be so weird to know what baby’s birthday is going to be! Unless he decides to make an appearance before this date 💙! 
  • @Milly:-) exactly that's what I'm worried about !! Also because when I feel the "head" apparently down there , I also feel movement there like it's hads or feet or something do how can it be the head if I feel these kind of movements down there ??? 
    I really dont want a c section , I mean I wanted natural water birth like with my first,  so I'm still hoping she'll turn last minute 😔🙈🙈🙈
  • Benka96Benka96 Regular
    edited Apr 20, 2021 8:19PM
    @Bethanyjean do you also feel weird small movements in your pelvis like it's hands or feet though?? Becasue I do and I'm just like how can it be the head , If I feel movements there like she's kicking my cervix??? It's kind of weird. I really dont know what to think lol 

    Also I feel like a hard lump under my ribs which should be her bum , but that lump moves on it's own like I don't feel her whole body move , so I don't know if it could be the bum or actually the head :/ 
  • @Benka96 yeah i feel weird wriggling movements really low down🙈 i know she is deffo head down and hasnt turned at all (thankfully). So i hope this is the case for you🤞 maybe explain it to the midwives and they may book you in for a scan just to double check the position xx
  • @Benka96 I’ve been feeling movements really low down in my pelvis that felt like hands or something and I told the midwife and she said baby was definitely head down . I’m also still feeling movements right on the sides . Xxx
  • @Bethanyjean will definitely ask the midwife today , or maybe she will see for herself that I'm actually not making this up lol 
  • I also get a super weird feeling constantly like she's kicking or punching my left hip,  and at the same time she kick on the right side of my belly just under my ribs 🤣🙈 this baby has some weird postions in there ha xx
  • @Benka96 let us know how you get on speaking with the midwife! I feel my baby girl kick my left hip and as she does it her bum sticks out on the right side🤣 babies get into some funny positions dont they xx
  • Is anyone else feeling horrible pressure at the bottom of their stomach now ? Even doing the school run round the corner and back is a killer I feel like the baby could just fall out or something 😂 xxx
  • @Bethan_xo yesssss definitely lol 😆 sometimes I do feel like that especially that I walk a lot too. :) 
  • Good idea putting the due date list back up 😊👌

    @Benka96 what time is your appointment at? I hope you get some answers about baby's position! I also feel little movements near/on my cervix, which I assumed was baby's hands.

    For those that have had babies in the last couple of years, what is a normal amount of outfits for 0-3 months please?

    I've got enough vests and sleepsuits, but I've washed and sorted out all the actual outfits we got in the bundle along with the socks and hats that we've bought (as in, leggings and tops, dresses, all in one rompers etc). And I think we've got a ridiculous amount! We've got 17 leggings all with matching short sleeved tops, 3 leggings with matching long sleeved tops, 7 short sleeved rompers, 6 summer dresses, 3 pairs of tights, 10 pairs of socks, 7 hats, a fleecey hoodie, a knitted cardigan, a coat and a cotton hoodie.

    I feel like the amount of outfits we have is  excessive. Am I anywhere near what's normal? I don't remember my other children having that many outfits! X
  • Bethan_xoBethan_xo Regular
    edited Apr 21, 2021 1:51PM
    @Benka96 it’s awful isn’t it 🙈 

    @HippieMama4 I’ve just counted what I have in 0-3 
    3 x cardigans
    3 x summer dresses
    13 x daytime short sleeve short leg rompers
    3 x leggings
    2 x short sleeve tops 
    2 x outfits (long sleeve with leggings) 
    13 x long sleeve sleepsuits
    6 x short sleeve short leg sleepsuits 
    Loads of vests I didn’t count them as I have loads 🤣 and I have loads of socks. 
    I’ve told myself I’m not buying anything else now as I know my family have also bought some things in 0-3. My nan has also knitted a fair few cardigans Xxxx 
  • Hi girls so I've come back from my midwife appointment haha , two of them checked babies position and said she's Deffo in my pelvis,  but not engaged. They said the lumps I'm feeling might be her knees or legs , and the little movements in my hips and down my pelvis are her hands. They told me to relax haha , and that if they weren't sure of babies position they would offer a scan :) she also told me that woth second babies they don't tend to engage until labour starts,  and that first babies normally go head down and engage much sooner than every other pregnancy. 

    So it calmed me down now haha I can just continue bouncing on the ball 😅 and stop worrying about her position x 
  • @Bethan_xo im only 33 weeks ans the pressure i feel low down is horrible!! Especially when im walking i feel like shes going to break out🙈

    @Benka96 glad you are able to relax about babies position now!

    Does anyone have any feelings/guesses as to whether baby will be early, on time or late?xx
  • @Benka96 ah that’s good I’m glad she’s in the right position! I heard that too about only first babies engaging early ! 

    @Bethanyjean everyone keeps telling me they think I will go early . Because it’s my third baby and because it’s a girl . In my head I’m thinking I will go over due so if she did come abit early it would be a nice surprise . If I do go over I really hope it’s only by a couple of days 🤞every day is a killer when your overdue! do you have any feelings? X 
  • @Bethanyjean I felt really bad pressure down there from around 32 weeks aswell , and it's getting worse now , plus the lighting crotch which is really painful,  I have a feeling she might come earlier than my first baby which came 2 weeks late , but I also don't wanna get my hopes up and disappoint myself :/ 🤔 so I'm hoping she comes early but don't wanna get too excited haha :D 

  • @Bethan_xo oooh yes i have heard your more likely to be early if youve previously given birth before because your body knows what its doing!

    @Benka96 oh god i hope she isnt 2 weeks late for you! My worst nightmare haha!!

    Everyone keeps saying ill be early, but its my first and i know your more likely to go over with your first. Id love it if she came a little bit early though🤣xx
  • @Bethanyjean I heard its unlikely or very rare that second babies are that much overdue they usually come  earlier than first..even by few days :D. so I'm really hoping :) 
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