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July 2017 Toddlers - Part 3



  •  Hi. I just wondered what car seats people are using at the moment as I think I need to change Charlies. Has anyone got any recommendations? 
  • Daniels still in a five point harness but we got a different one for him it goes up to 25 instead of the usual 18 as we didn't think he was old enough for a booster seat just yet
  • I’ve ordered one of the booster seats as Charlie is big for his age so am hoping the seat belt hole thing will not be too high. 
  • We’re still in the 5 point one too. It’s got padding in which makes it really difficult to put him in so will likely take it out soon. Don’t know how long they’re meant to stay in it for! 
  • We went with Joie bold
  • Hey ladies how are you all doing? 

    I can’t believe we’re at September and about to start pre school! 

  • Heres ollie in his pre school uniform .. he had abit of a wobbley first day yesterday but he was very eager to go back today ! Hope everyone is well 
  • We’re on Daniels second week of preschool I got I don’t want to go stay with mummy the first week and Monday but today I got bye mummy and he ran in so he must be liking it
  • How are u all coping with them at pre school I’ve had the dreaded email to say someone got sent home the other day that was in Daniels bubble  to go get tested for covid so now waiting to here there the results. They are keeping open till they find the results
  • On a different note this little one is 6 months on the 23rd
  • Wow Ollie looks so grown up!

    j also started pre school last week and thankfully is coping okay at the moment. 

    Am pleased Daniel wants to go in now. It must be so hard for them going from months with us constantly and now with other people. 

    I think I’d hate that email Charlie, especially as carry on as normal until you know. We’ve had a couple at school but turned out negative thankfully but is a worry while you wait. 
  • Yeah it’s horrible I’m hoping for the results to come back today so we at least know
  • Ollie cried going in today was not happy .. she said he’s not been very happy at nursery which is so sad cuz he loved his other nursery 😢
  • Ollie might have had a hard week at nursery but he’s been an absolute superstar at home he’s speaking to us much more and just been really well behaved. They want the senco lead to come and observe him to try help him settle in so we shall see if that helps 
  • Daniels not even saying bye to me now when he goes in
  • Louise 111Louise 111 Regular
    Hope Ollie has a better week this week Lillian. I’m sure he’ll settle soon. How come you changed the nursery? Is the new one at the school he’ll go to? Charlie likes being at nursery but he wants me there too so screams every morning when I have to leave him and I’m in floods of tears too. We’ve got in a really bad routine as he expects to go to McDonald’s after every day at nursery as it’s only a minutes drive away so we went every day last week. The McDonald’s staff all know his name and ask him how his day at nursery was 😂
  • Oh my that’s the cutest thing ! Ollie doesn’t want to talk much about nursery not that he really understand when you ask him .. I just always ask him if he’s ok and we get a yes yes and then did you have a nice day at nursery and he doesn’t respond .. we can have a chat about a few things but his language skills are still a little behind but he’s getting there. 

    Yes louise it’s a school nursery the one he will be going too other wise I wouldn’t have moved him. I’m glad I have now as I hope he’ll make friends before school this way. 
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