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July 2017 Toddlers - Part 3



  • Definitely positive!! Congratulations! How do you feel? 
  • I feel fine just nervous as we hadn't planned it
  • I brought a 3 pack I did the other 2 one was a digital they both came back positive 
  • Congratulations!!! That’s fab news 
  • Congrats that’s super exciting !! Yay another baby for the group hehe 
  • Congratulations Charlie 🥳 all these new babies are making me want one lol 😂 
    I’m waiting for the boys to return so charlie can have his presents
  • We weren't planning another one just yet so telling hubby is going to be hard specially as we are struggling for money 
  • Did you keep much of your baby stuff Charlie? Also you can get stuff cheap from Facebook markets, eBay etc don’t be afraid to look around for a bargain there’s never a right time chick something will always crop up 
  • We kept every thing would just need a car base and either a new cot or a bed for Daniel 
  • Aww Charlie I’m sure it will work out you do have 9 months hehe x do you mind me asking how you caught ? We don’t use anything that’s why I curious as I don’t really want to get pregnant just yet but my options are limited ... no worries if you don’t want to disclose the info .. it’s whats meant to be 💕
  • I dunno I was taking the pill. But I know one thing I'm never going on holiday again. As I fell pregnant with Daniel on holiday and now again after this holiday 
  • Obviously something in the air when on holiday 😉 you will be ok...I was (still am abit) in total shock and a little terrified when I found out I was pregnant with Maisie. I’ve also been the only one working but we’ve made it work xx
  • Yeah I'm telling Liam tonight I just keep trying to think off how to tell him
  • Aww that’s actually a little funny like your body knows ! luckily AF showed up on holiday for me so no romance for us hehe we don’t use anything just the rhythm method and I’ve not got pregnant in two years and I was thinking of going on the pill but I’m forgetful so probs not the best maybe we’ll just keep things as it is ... I’m sure hubby will be please and a little friend for Daniel plus you’ll get the nursery hours when he’s three which won’t be long after you have this one 
  • Fingers crossed he will be fine, the unknown is scary but was obviously meant to be. Daniel will be a lovely age too 😊
  • Yeah Daniel would bear 2 years and 8 months give or take
  • Like I said Charlie just look around for bargains and could you give baby the cot and get Daniel a toddler bed? Hopefully your oh takes it well xx
  • The monsters have returned 

  • Hope they had a good time mummyto olly and Charlie.
    Liam took it better than I thought he just said ok
  • Congratulations Charlie! That’s so excited! Hope oh becomes more excited as well! 
    Hope Charlie enjoyed his presents mummytooandc 
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