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November 2019 Babies - Part 2



  • @Witmore26 long may it last!! 
  • @JaneDC people are getting super relaxed over here too. My sister swung by in the car yesterday so the kids could all see each other, they did get out of the car so we could chat which probably isn't allowed but I can 100% say we all kept our distance. While we were chatting someone we know walked past the house with her grandkids in the pram. They defo don't live together!

    @Witmore26 hope your hubby is OK. Its nice of him to cook for you though! I live with a chef and his idea of cooking for me is a grilled cheese 😂.

    I don't think Bojo has said anything about dates yet. I did hear some talk of social bubbles where you can talk to a small group of people but I don't know how that would work, as I would want to see my sister and parents, she would want to see us but also her Mil and other nieces and nephews, her nieces and nephews would want to see their other grandparents so on. I'm lucky that for us it literally would just be my parents, sister and my gran as they're the only family we really have nearby. I also have a feeling businesses will start reopening but maybe not close contact places so clothing stores could as you're in and out but restaurants, hairdressers etc it's unlikely - that's just me though!

    Hung some laundry, made myself some cereal and as I sat down a wee face has appeared. Clearly I closed the fridge too loudly, or my kids a bloodhound 
  • Nothing from Bojo regarding lockdown, only that they will review on the 7th. I don't get how it works for Scotland (and Ireland @JaneDC not sure which part you are in ). If Bojo says you can't go out, but Nicola sturgeon says you can, what happens? That dubbed video still makes me laugh "ya no goin a big Sandra's" 😂

    Evan has just woken up. He's basically been out for 12 hours. He stirred when we bought him up last night, had 6oz milk, wanted his dummy about 3am but has managed to sleep through his sister declaring "it's light outside" over the monitor 😬

  • @EvelynAndJamiesMummy6390
    Sorry that your alone time didn't last too long! They def have a sixth sense.
  • @Bluehawaii90 I think generally Scotland are following the same rules as Westminster give, the only difference is we've been advised to wear face coverings this week!

    I don't know if anyone is watching cbeebies but that new popcast has just been on. They sang a song called 'the babies done a poo'

    Lyrics include:

    'something really bad just came out of his bum'


    'Dad said don't look at me I did the last one'

    I mean it's not far off the truth but it's not their usual kind of song is it 😂
  • That's the sound of the barrel being well and truly scraped 😂 it's the presenters that are making me laugh, clearly working from home and trying to keep that same energy despite having inhaled 5 biscuits on their way through the kitchen. 

    My two are up, dressed and watching Cinderella 🙄 hoping to go out for a walk today. Evan is a bit dopey today. He seems fine just a bit clingy to me. So glad his hair has finally started to grow 😂

  • @Bluehawaii90 I had mine up and dressed too, now watching cbeebies ballet. I say had because Jamie promptly threw up down his clean shorts prompting my sister to question whether he ever wears trousers. Meanwhile hawkeye Evie is bawling her eyes out on the floor because she spotted an empty Haribo bag in the bin and I can't magic up any sweets for her 🤯, which she wouldn't be getting before lunchtime anyway
  • @Bluehawaii90 lovely pic. I find it nearly impossible to get a pic of the 2 of them together.

    John wasn't being a very good big brother today. For some reason he had to kick Casey (not hard, but still).

    I'm in the Republic of Ireland, so following different guidelines but they are pretty much the same as the UK. 

    @EvelynAndJamiesMummy6390 I find that Casey likes to save pooping for just after I change his nappy or puking for just after I get him dressed. 

    Just ordered some curtains online. Who knew there were so many options! It took me ages to pick them out. 

    Here's my monkey after he did a poop that went everywhere 😣 

  • Also can you see how long Casey's hair is in that pic, but how thin it is. Brushed it today and so much came out :( he's shedding more than I am these days!
  • @JaneDC Jamie's is long and wispy just now too, he's so fair it doesn't really show though!

    I'm banned from buying any more online. He says it's a sign I have a problem when I tell him to watch the kids while I get dressed so the postman thinks I own more than 2 sets of pj's. Evies doll I preordered for her birthday came today, that was a nice surprise as I'd forgotten all about it! 
  • Bluehawaii90Bluehawaii90 Regular
    edited May 22, 2020 8:06AM
    Morning all, just thought I'd put an update on for those that haven't absconded 😬🤫

    Evan will be 6 months on Monday, can't believe we are halfway through the first year already! He's on 2 meals a day now with a snack sometimes, still taking 9oz most feeds which are 4 or 5 bottles a day. 

    He finally started to roll over this week and sit up in his best for more than 10 seconds without falling over 🤦 still no teeth although plenty of teething 😩

    Hope all are ok and getting through this time as best as possible!

    We went for a walk and to see the ducks this week, he loved looking up at the trees and hearing the birds. 
  • @Bluehawaii90 no idea what you mean by absconded 🙄.

    Here's Jamie's update. He's 5 and a half months and early weaning due to milk allergies (and we now thing strawberry too). He's an absolute food monster and piling in the weight at about 16.5lbs. Lot of sitting and lots of shouting. His big sister is still utterly obsessed with him!

    Hope everyone is going well in lockdown! 

    (carrots were not his faves, much prefers toast!) 
  • hi lad hi ladies not be on here for a while 🙃 are any of you or have any of you experiences of eczema! Poor Lincoln is in a right state at the moment, on antibiotics and numerous creams, he literally looks like he has the plague😢 I have been told it’s eczema but out of all my children have never experienced this

  • Day 2 on the antibiotics 
  • Hey, Evah had eczema as a baby only on her face and it cleared up within a few days of using oilatium 
  • Oh bless! Iv never seen it like that before, poor boy 
  • @Nikkinarno what a shame for the poor little thing. Have you been to the GP again to say it isn't clearing up. We don't have personal experience but I'm in a CMPA group for Jamie's allergies and a few of the kids on there get it really bad. A few times it's been made worse or 'infected' by a bacteria on the skin and they needed a cream to kill it off. I really hope you get a solution for him soon! Xx
  • Just saw you've said antibiotics which are prob the same idea as the cream 
  • We are have tried the cream from the gp but that just seems to aggravate it, tried numerous differ ones advised by parents. We are currently on aveeno baby, it just so hard to tell which is working because of all the swelling. I’m waiting on a video call today from the go (again) because he just carnt go on like this, and bless him he is still super happy 
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