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Hello, and welcome to Due in May 2022 and huge congratulations on your pregnancy! 

I'm @DanielleMFM and it's great to see you here. If you'd like to join this thread and meet others due this month too, please introduce yourself.

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  • Ohh first one here 🤣 I got my bfp yesterday! Should be due around the 12th may with baby no 2 ❤️❤️
  • Hi!!

    I just got my bfp today after almost a year of trying and two miscarriages. I’m really hoping this one sticks! I have a little girl who is two and a half :smile:

    All being well, I will be due around the 18th of May x
  • @Lorew nice to see someone else in the group! Was beginning to think no one else was joining 😂 big congratulations on your bfp! Are you getting any symptoms? X
  • @Claire1234939 :D I know, I always test so early I’m usually the first one in these groups! Congratulations to you too! I have a slightly sore lower back, and I actually still breastfeed my toddler and that’s become a bit uncomfortable already.

    How about you??
  • @Lorew not really any symptoms atall, slightly tired but can’t sleep at night sore back sometimes but nothing major, I keep forgetting I’m pregnant 😂 I have a one year old little boy aswell so I don’t have much time to think about it 😂
  • Oh wow! Lovely that they will be so close in age!

    i didn’t have many symptoms with my first apart from horrific pgp. Really worried that will flare up again 😕

    I wonder when more will join us?!?
  • Oh no pgp doesn’t sound very fun 😬
    I didn’t have too many symptoms either with my first so be interesting to see if this time is different.

    Must be soon! Otherwise it could just be us in this group 🤣
  • Hello Ladies, I have followed this forum for years and this is the first time I can join one of these groups. I got my BFP this morning after my first round of private IVF. Mixed emotions excited, nervous and anxious. Had early miscarriages in 2017 & 2018 so hoping this one will stick this time. Not many symptoms yet a bit of pulling cramps with things stretching.
  • Congratulations @Russellg!! You must be over the moon 😍 sorry to hear of your losses 😞 completely understand your anxiety! 
    Do you know roughly when you’d be due? 
    Can’t believe there’s only 3 of us in this group atm 😂x
  • Hi @Claire1234939 think rough due date is 22nd May. I have an early scan with my IVF clinic on the 5th October so I am just trying to concentrate at getting to that at the moment. Had a stressful day yesterday moving a holiday to Lanzarote from mid October to late November so I will be in 2nd trimester then. How are you feeling? I hope some more people will join the group soon
  • Oh I love lanzarote! What part are you going too? 
    I’m feeling ok thank you, haven’t really had many symptoms so far apart from abit of heartburn and a few cramps here and there. Hoping I don’t get any sickness 😬
  • We love it as well such a relaxed atmosphere. We have been a few times and prefer to stay in Costa Teguise. Yeah few cramps for me as well keep thinking I will go to the toilet and find bleeding but nothing so far. Part of me does not want sickness but the other part wants all the symptoms so I know everything is progressing
  • Oh lovely we normally go to puerto del carmen. Haven’t been for a few years though. I’m the same keep checking to see if there’s anything but thankfully not! Yes I agree I don’t want the sickness but also I do so I know it’s deffo a symptom. I was so anxious with my 1st pregnancy I thought I would be abit more relaxed this time but that is not the case 😬
  • Hope everyone is doing OK. Struggling with anxiety as started having spotting yesterday and strong cramps. Did these tests this morning and everything still seems strong (have never got to 2-3 weeks on a digital before) so it's nice to see
  • Are you still getting the cramps and spotting? I had abit of spotting with my last pregnancy and everything turned out fine,I understand it’s worrying though it really scared me when I spotted last time
  • Yes I still have some spotting but no flow so that's hopefully a good thing. Luckily the test levels are increasing so will just have to see how it goes
  • I’m glad your levels are increasing! Sounds like just some implant bleeding 😁
  • Yes has stopped for now had a restful weekend which has helped I think. Anymore symptoms with you?
  • Just a really bad back! Hurting during the day then it’s waking me up in the night cause it’s so sore 😬
  • Hi @Russellg!

    I can relate to the anxiety. This is my 6th pregnancy- I have one live child although I can’t imagine how nervous you must be after IVF. Hopefully we can support each other through these early weeks!

    Do you know your due date yet?

    @Claire1234939 how has your week been? Sorry to hear about your back! Mine was really bad at the beginning but seems better now (cue more worrying!!)

    are there still only 3 of us here?!?
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