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September 2015 Toddlers


This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our Sept 15 Babies club, whose equally lovely babies are now turning one and heading straight into toddlerhood! 

If you have a toddler (born in September 2015), do please feel free to post here, too, and join in. You'd be very welcome and they're a nice, friendly lot!



  • Ok so it seems Macie was the first to celebrate her birthday (28/08. Due 01/09) so with her being one now does this mean I officially no longer have a baby but a toddler instead? 😫image

  • In America they don't call them toddlers until they are 2... age 1-2 they call them 'pre-tods'. I'd prefer to say they're still babies but i definitely don't want to think of my baby as a toddler yet (time slow down please!!) so I'll take 'pre-tod'! :)

  • Wow pre-tod - we have never heard of that SW2! And welcome to new thread!

    Vicky2008, Macie is so adorable! I love her hair so much! 

  • Her hair is a difficult length, to short to do much with it and to long to leave it alone 😂 I love the above picture, she's wearing her first proper pit of shoes, spent months trying to get her to keep pram shoes on which was unsuccsesful to buy these from Clarks and now brings them you at every opportunity and lifts her leg for us to put them on, can't wait to see pictures of all the pre toddlers, scary how quick time has gone :)

  • I'm not calling Wren a toddler yet!! She's too tiny. She is an absolute monkey though. Climbing on everything, including out of the high chair at every mealtime. She's driving me and hubby a bit mad but she's so loving and very funny. Can't believe her birthday is just a fortnight away! Here she is enjoying a bank holiday ice cream on Monday 🍦😋


  • Beautiful picture of wren Mrs Biffy!

  • Wow mrs biffy, Wren is gorgeous - peaches and cream! 

  • Wow!! They are beautiful! Can't believe it's a year already!  Time has gone so fast! 

    Alicia is a climber too. Climbs everywhere! Have to keep a very close eye 👁 on her.  

    I couldn't call her a toddler yet! She's still a baby 👶.  Her birthday is the 18/09. We haven't made any plans but we will probably have a family dinner.  No idea of what to get her!  Any ideas?


  • Awe such a sweetie frenchmum! We have a couple of weeks to go too... daytons birthday is sept 17th. 

  • As for birthday gifts... I struggled with this too as so many family members asked what to get him so he's getting loads of stuff from other people! I decided instead to make something meaningful... So I'm putting together a 'lifestory book' of his first year... Pictures & info from 6 week scan pics & his birth story, through each month of his first year. I know he obviously won't understand it now but hopefully in years to come he will treasure it :)

  • Jude was due at the end of September but was late so is technically an October 15 baby. However, despite this he does have his own car 😉 xximage

  • Haha nice wheels Jude! I swear girls are more adventurous this early - my son couldn't even get on the sofa until nearly 2 😂

    For birthday gifts we have started a collection of lovely wooden animals by Holztiger. Also getting her a charm bracelet that we will add to each year. I've had a special charm engraved for her and found a little bird to go on there too which is perfect!

  • That's a lovely idea with the charm bracelet!

  • Hi all, it is so wonderful to see all your children and reading your updates. Might we ask, anyone planning any more kids at the moment?

    Also, if you'd like to pop me over a PM with your full name and addy, we'll get that gift sent out to your pre-toddler. 

  • My husband would love another child but money and childcare is an issue. Is this an issue for anyone else? X

  • We want to have another one but are going to wait until after the move... After the trouble I've had with pregnancies I wouldn't want to fly while pregnant. 

    We kind of have the opposite issue coco! My husband's military work means he is often away or working weird hours so for me to get a job now that we have a child would be difficult... i couldn't work evenings in or weekends as daycares aren't open then. Guess it's similar to being a single parent! & no family close by to help out either! Luckily we are fortunate enough that we can manage with me being a stay at home mum for now :)

  • Wow can't belive how big all our babies are getting. 

    Heres a picture of Stanley this morning, I think he's keen to get his birthday started.


    He's turning into a right cheeky little monkey. He's climbing, standing and generally into everything.

    We had been really stuck for ideas for his birthday presents as he has a lot of clothes from James and with them both being so close together we have lot of toys. Luckily we have discovered Stanley quite likes fiddling with things so there were a few things we found which we hadn't already got as James was more into cars and mega blocks.

  • Happy birthday Stanley!

  • Annie7, how was Stanley's birthday? 

    It's so great to see your all your little ones and hear all your updates. 

    coco80 - we had to wait a few years before we figured out how we could afford number 2 - there's a 4 year gap for us which looking back I wish i'd had them closer, but it just didn't work out that way. 

    Would the following peeps please pop me over your names and addresses over on PM? 

    mrs biffy

  • Thanks Danielle, though I am 36 so may not be able to wait 4 years. Need a winning lottery ticket.

    Jude is now trying to stand after only crawling for 2 week. Yikes! X

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